Skate 2 News Post

The following websites has posted updates for Skate 2:
  • Joystiq: Skate 2 Hands-On

    "A new button has been added (RB on 360; R1 on PS3) which is the "hand" button. This is used in tricks to hand plant (which can be tweaked with the right analog stick, and you can take a foot off the board during them as well) and to interact with movable objects."
  • Gamespot: Skate 2 Hands-On (360)

    "For as much praise as Skate earned, it could have very easily crashed and burned as a result of the risky "flick-it" controls the game introduced. It was a system that shirked traditional button inputs in favor of a dual-analog control scheme that used the right stick to mimic the sweeping gestures of a skater's feet and the left stick to guide more general body movement."
  • IGN: Skate 2 Hands-On (PS3)

    "Veterans will also find though that the new stuff fixes pretty much all of the outstanding "problems" with the first game, adding in the ability to do hand plants, get off your board and much, much more."
  • Gamespot: Skate 2 First Look Interview and Official Trailer (360)

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