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# 1 faytes @ 08/05/08 08:51 AM
Haha, it was a good trailer but it's funny how at the end he says of puddles forming even though they don't. Lol
# 2 ewto16 @ 08/05/08 10:11 AM
All that stuff about the animation is the same crap they say every single year. There is always a new trick to the animation engine to make it better. Supposedly, they fixed the problem with the Mario running 3-4 years ago by having the RBs get skinny at the line. Why is this so new and great?

Ooooooo...grass. Looks at that awesome grass. What an idiot.
# 3 therockstar2005 @ 08/05/08 10:29 AM
I do like the endzone celebrations. I didn't realize that they had player-specific ones. That's pretty cool.

And I actually think the grass looks really cool. I don't know why, but it definitely adds something that was missing before. It just looks more realistic.
# 4 Pared @ 08/05/08 10:39 AM
WOW... is the kick coverage broken in Madden just like in NCAA???

Notice the guys on the kickoff at about a minute in. Oakland is receiving a kickoff... The far guys run straight down and do not cut towards the returner. They continue to run down in a robotic fashion in a straight line.

I REALLY hope this isn't a problem.
# 5 faytes @ 08/05/08 10:41 AM
I think SG_Fred answered it by saying normally they ended up at the 20 to 30 yard line. Which atleast it is realistic results. I can deal with quirky animations and things like that if the results are real.
# 6 callmetaternuts @ 08/05/08 11:52 AM
Looking good......less than a week

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