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The Olympics has not officially started and the US Women's Soccer team loses in the opening round. That sucks! Must be the pollution, yeah, I'll blame the pollution for the loss!

How about that Brett Favre situation. Now this is just crazy already, he should have just stayed retired. Just plain madness.

At work, was pretty much stuck in the xerox room all day and probably going to be there the rest of the week! Fun!
  • QOTN: Will you be watch the opening ceremonies on Friday?

UPDATE: More links!

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# 1 Scott @ 08/06/08 10:33 PM
QOTN: I'm off all day, so I'll probably watch them.

Favre: Please end this soap opera. I'd buy the new Medal of Honor game if it's based in Afghanistan.
# 2 boomhauertjs @ 08/07/08 07:34 AM
QOTN: No, I'll be working then at a rehearsal dinner at night.
# 3 CS10029 @ 09/01/08 10:01 PM
I didn't watch them. Lets bring these back!
# 4 stizz @ 09/02/08 12:24 AM
Yeah haha. I watched them I thought it was great, got a little boring though.

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