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IGN has posted a article called The 25 Best Quarterbacks in Madden History.

"To try and find some quarterbacks who will get our back, we're going in a different direction today. Turning our revulsion into appreciation, we've gone Madden-by-Madden and recorded the ratings and ranks for each quarterback, analyzing who's the best and by how much."

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# 1 Exonerated @ 08/06/08 11:29 PM
I whole-heartdly agree with the Number One Quarterback in Madden.
# 2 DJ @ 08/06/08 11:48 PM
Isn't that screenshot of Vick from 2k5?

What stuck out to me were the player ratings. Back then, Pro Bowl-calibur players were high 70's, mid 80's. Now everyone is 90-plus.
# 3 retrohelix @ 08/07/08 12:08 AM
The best QB In my opinion was Randall Cunningham on Madden 91 for Sega Genesis!! He was the Michael Vick of the 90's He had tremendous wheels and he had a cannon for an arm How the eagles did not win a championship with the talent they had on that team is beyond me.
# 4 Hassan Darkside @ 08/07/08 12:19 AM
Originally Posted by Djwlfpack
Isn't that screenshot of Vick from 2k5?
Nah, that's clearly Madden 2004. I agree with number one too, I knew who it would be with no doubt in my mind. LOL @ the black Steve Young though.
# 5 realtalktruth @ 08/07/08 12:34 AM
after i skimmed the list and didn't see vick there i knew he was number 1. man good times, good times.
# 6 meh @ 08/07/08 05:01 AM
Vick brings back memories! Infact, crazy as it seems, my last Madden was 05.... so ive alot to catch up on this year
# 7 Exonerated @ 08/07/08 05:03 AM
Bring back Mike Vick Lolz.

I hope for football excitement's sake that he makes a comeback to the NFL one day.

I don't condone his actions, but damn he was so fun to watch.
# 8 bfindeisen @ 08/07/08 11:17 AM
Wow, I'll never forget those days...9 out of 10 games I'd play against someone would be versus Vick...thank god for the double cornerback blitz!
# 9 Titus001 @ 08/07/08 11:44 AM
I think the year when Mcnair was a beast (96 overall)in this game should be lower. I would put him in the top 5 best madden qbs. He could run well and throw. I used the titans every madden season until steve left the titans. Real fun playing with Mcnair and eddie george back in the day.

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