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Like the links? Kick off some conversations about them!Went to the zoo on Saturday and saw quite a few interesting animals. We were going to check out the aquarium, but we were all too tired from all the walking.

Watched the Cowboys first stringers look good against the Chargers, then it went all downhill after that. I sure hope they can stay healthy, otherwise, it could get ugly. It's early, but it was still very ugly. I hate me some Brad Johnson...

Sunday was spent doing mostly yardwork and catching up on some Z's. Also watched some Olympic coverage, crazy win for the mens relay swim team, that was awesome.

What's up with you?
  • QOTD: How was your weekend?
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# 1 ExtremeGamer @ 08/11/08 07:08 AM
What's up?

Weekend was good, relaxed, finished the baby's room and played a lot of Madden 09 and NFL Head Coach 09. Good times.
# 2 callmetaternuts @ 08/11/08 07:11 AM
Whats Up? Boss is gone this week, less work for me!

QOTD: Weekend was alright, did some yard work, cleaned the garage, watched the Olympics

Links: Liking the iPhone app for XBL. Those contact lenses are HUGE.
# 3 RGiles36 @ 08/11/08 07:21 AM
Weekend was fast..we all know how it goes.

I too exhibit some concern for my Cowboys. Though it is just the preseason, special teams was a huge weakness last year and it appears it wants to rear its ugly head again this season.
# 4 boomhauertjs @ 08/11/08 07:26 AM
LINKS: Anime contacts? Perhaps the nerdiest thing ever invented?

What's Up: Weekends are too short, especially when you're out of town.

QOTD: Went to Dayton for my wife's cousin's wedding. Picked up Madden 09 in Columbus on the way down on Friday (thanks ODogg!), but didn't get to play it until last night. Wedding was fun and got to see my godson on Sunday (along with his younger sister and newborn sister).
# 5 southernbelle @ 08/11/08 07:31 AM
weekend was great, though i did not fire up the consoles even once! such is married life. went to the burrough market saturday. if anyone ever spends time in London, i highly recommend the burrough market. great food and they have the second best coffee (latte) in the world with Monmouth Coffee. (the first place goes to Gimme Coffee in Brooklyn!).

we watched a truely spectacular show last night: MTV's From Gs to Gents. amazingly bad TV (in the best sesne).

reverse QOTD: whats your favorite indie coffee marker? where is it?
# 6 chilli311 @ 08/11/08 07:35 AM
QOTD: Weekend was awesome! Made it out to South Bend for the open practice, and got a ton of great pics. That oughta satisfy my football craving for the next two weeks till I get to go to my first game of the season (pre-season, but better than nothing).
# 7 southernbelle @ 08/11/08 07:36 AM
also, did get a chance to see Arsenal on the tele. lots of talent in the starting 11. reserves? eh, not so much. hope fabregas and co can stay healthy.
# 8 Scott @ 08/11/08 08:38 AM
QOTD: Weekend went good, just started to pack for my move to Tyler, TX. Will finish that up today. Amazing win for the US.
# 9 ezekiel55 @ 08/11/08 09:21 AM
My mother is in Europe on vacation, so I house-sitted and watched her/my 16 year chihuahua.

Ended up cooking some dry-aged rib eyes and drank like a fish....speaking of which, has anyone had Sparks malt energy drink?...those things were messin me up proper this whole weekend.

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