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Like the links? Kick off some conversations about them!So, this Phelps kid knows how to swim huh?

Traded in the MDX for the RDX last night, what a relief that is over and done with. Didn't get out of there until midnight, but I'm satisfied.

What's up with you?
  • QOTD: So, after playing NCAA and Madden, which one do you prefer?
Happy Birthday to the following OS'ers!


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# 1 boomhauertjs @ 08/13/08 07:46 AM
LINKS: I'm surprised FEAR's online play was so low and I never knew there was a cricket game for 360 (LOL).

QOTD: Didn't even play the demo of NCAA. Madden's Madden. The graphics and presentation are better, but I'm getting frustrated with the IQ. I think it's backwards (offense is too hard and defense is too easy), at least for me.
# 2 southernbelle @ 08/13/08 08:29 AM
i own NCAA, but i have not played it yet (owned it since release). i do not own madden yet. typically, i am an ncaa fan, but i have been intrigued by the madden info i have read on OS.
# 3 callmetaternuts @ 08/13/08 08:50 AM
Whats Up? Long days ahead.......

QOTD: NCAA is a steaming turd this year, no way Madden could be worse (and after playing it, i was right, Madden is alot better, more polished and finished) NCAA seems like it was released mid development.

Links: Thought Iron Man (the movie) was somehow ending differently. Olympics have been great, and China has seemed up to the task of hosts, not that i agree with alot that goes on there
# 4 WDOgF0reL1fe @ 08/13/08 12:22 PM
Ive always been a Madden guy and this year is no different
# 5 bjf1377 @ 08/13/08 12:34 PM
Freakin making me emotional with that "A Father's Amazing Love" video...good job Steve

QOTD: I think right now I'm more a fan of Madden this year. That's complete 180 from last year
# 6 Scott @ 08/13/08 06:20 PM
QOTD: I haven't played either yet but I'll probably pick up Madden tomorrow.
# 7 windseer90 @ 08/13/08 07:13 PM
QOTD: I have both, and Madden is far better. But if the patch for NCAA makes it anything like Madden, NCAA will be quite a solid game.

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