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Move over Nike, EA Sports is looking to become the leading sports brand, according MCV.

"Peter Moore has told MCV that he is aiming to make the division “the leading brand in sports” – eclipsing Nike and Adidas.

Speaking as we crowned him an ‘MCV Legend’, EA Sports president Moore said his current aim is to make his employer more recognisable than the biggest names in sportswear and apparel."

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# 1 yamabushi @ 08/14/08 05:08 PM

Im downloading a patch for my shoes Right Now!

"...shoes are to complicated, people are intimidated by the laces" Peter Moore

"I don’t think the investors give a s*** about our arch support" John Riccitiello EA CEO
# 2 DubTrey1 @ 08/15/08 12:14 AM
Seriously? I mean c'mon EA - Games are one thing, but this - ? Whatever man. Stick to making games.
# 3 TheBadazz @ 08/15/08 10:10 AM
Ideas like this, Peter Moore will not have this job for a long time. Don't worry about expanding, worry about the crap coming out of the company.
# 4 illinifan91 @ 08/15/08 06:12 PM
Do the really expect t become bigger then Nike, maybe they should just concentrate on fixing the bugs in the game before it comes out.
# 5 spit_bubble @ 08/16/08 04:34 PM
Originally Posted by Peter Moore
We need to knock down the barriers to those who find the learning curve of our games too steep, and find new areas in sports – and health and wellness – that our brand can truly make a difference.
Translation: We need to sell more crap.

Seriously Mr. Moore... Your brand is a bit of a joke right now. Perhaps it would be best to become a bit more respectable first. You could start with cutting the BS. Step two would be to raise the quality of your product.

Merely going after sales without attention to much else would be a good way to drive your company into the ground.

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