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IGN has posted some NHL 09 screenshots.

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# 1 rellix1 @ 08/20/08 08:05 AM
A few cool things I saw:
  • Be a Pro "Expectations" - I love setting goals (no pun intended).
  • Skill point spending (shrug, they really like MMOs don't they, both good and bad - part of me wishes it was automatic per playing)
  • Greeting from franchise - interaction between team and player (something you don't really see in Madden for example (beyond the cookie cutter "you suck" or "good job" emails))
  • lol @ chops
  • Grades separated between aspects instead of just overall -awesome
  • feedback on performance - awesome
  • be a pro character has face image on stats window - is this new? I never created a character in previous NHL versions
  • Goalie & Be a Pro chars have same numbers on same team? maybe they are different characters being played at different times?
  • http://xbox360media.ign.com/xbox360/...18385_640w.jpg (detailed ice shower, prerendered?)
Lookin' good. Looks to already be running circles around Madden's pitiful Superstar.
# 2 buzzguy @ 08/20/08 02:44 PM
Nice screens. "Iowa Chops", eh? Some of the fans of the AHL must have a hard time with teams and affiliations changing all the time. What about all those Iowa Stars jersey people bought? Sucks to be them!
# 3 ChubbyBanana @ 08/20/08 02:57 PM
Very nice screens Steve. Thanks for the Link.

I really like how the screens give you some sort of a look at Be a Pro Mode, and the expectations and goals teams have. I could be spending tons of time in this game mode if it's done correctly, and not like Superstar mode in a certain football game.

In the graphics department the game looks flat out amazing, but this is something I've come to expect from EA Hockey over the past two seasons. The Ice Shower does look good Rellix, I agree.

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