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Check out the new NBA Live 09 pick and roll control tutorial and screenshots.

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# 1 bateman11 @ 08/20/08 04:40 PM
Nice find! Love all this new info and such.
# 2 AlexBrady @ 08/20/08 04:43 PM
wow, i love it. looks like 2 basketball games for me this year.
# 3 jnb5001 @ 08/20/08 04:46 PM
Man look at all those new animations around the rim, those are just sick. Only thing that concerned be was how easy it was to score inside, but i'm sure it was due to the low difficulty setting. Can't wait to release day
# 4 bateman11 @ 08/20/08 04:50 PM
Everything looked good, except the passing lol. Need some work.
# 5 Jano @ 08/20/08 04:53 PM
Originally Posted by bateman11
Nice find! Love all this new info and such.
Yea all the info is great I wish 2K kind of followed EA's format of showing off new features with videos.

They have so many great things in their game and with these type of videos they could really show them off.

Sometimes people don't know how deep the game really is because 2K at times fails to show it to the gamers.
# 6 23 @ 08/20/08 05:11 PM
Definitely looked good even for a demonstration video.

I saw a jumper contested without the defender slapping the ball back in the jumpshooters face

The Chauncey runner looked good, and Iggy's dunk was nasty. I saw that coming with the way the defense opened up the hole in the middle, and he went right to it.

Can't wait to give it a shot with the Suns though to see some nasty Amare jams.
# 7 SageInfinite @ 08/20/08 05:46 PM
Animations are really improved but they still are pretty stiff at times. The passes also looked a little slow. I hope the pick and roll isn't cheesy and the leas pass isn't a problem like in 2k8. Live is still looking pretty hot this year. Can't wait to try it out . The graphics on the Boozer alley-oop looked amazing .
# 8 slvicick @ 08/20/08 06:09 PM
Looks like there is no way to stop it. They were getting easy lay ups with the lanes clogged up.
# 9 Stumbleweed @ 08/20/08 06:50 PM
Well, they're not going to show a bunch of missed attempts and stolen passes on the demonstration video. I'd take the success rate with a grain of salt. The ball didn't go through anyone's hands, so unless the interceptions totally aren't working well (and they specifically mentioned that they improved in this area), it shouldn't be unstoppable.

I wouldn't put too much stock into it though until we see something played on a real difficulty level that isn't meant to show off the feature. It didn't seem too overpowered in the other videos that I've seen, but there's really no way to know until we get the game in our hands... If you can see it coming as a defender and break up the pass quickly, that would be a good counter to it.

Chase, Beluba, etc. -- any comments on this? Have you noticed it being very difficult to stop the pick and roll? Those passes in the video were definitely risky, but there was no "ball through hand" BS like happens often in 2K... but have you noticed too many difficult passes being completed for scores? This was a demonstration video and I assume it was on a lower difficulty rating -- does the ease of execution shown in the video carry over into the higher difficulty levels?

Also, is there a way for the defender to get out of the pick (going the other direction, slipping over/under the screen)? It seemed like they were almost stuck to the pick man in the videos, which was the reason for the high success.
# 10 bigeastbumrush @ 08/20/08 07:44 PM
The floor spacing is the best I've ever seen. Wow!

And, I didn't think such a simple thing like the rims bending would appeal to me that much, but it looks absolutely incredible.
# 11 Jano @ 08/20/08 08:19 PM
Yeah the rim bending was pretty cool, hopefully VC can get it to happen in 2K9 too.
# 12 Furq @ 08/22/08 12:08 AM
I'm not going to compare this to 2k or anything because I don't fully like everything about that either, especially the pick and roll. But I don't see why anyone would see this and be impressed.

The defender seemed FAR too content to just stand there and see the pick and not do anything about it. It isn't even like the defender chose to step in front or drop behind the screen, instead he would just stand there passively.

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