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# 1 Shakedowncapo @ 08/21/08 12:28 AM
once agaiin, nba '09 comes through with the best net animations...
# 2 23 @ 08/21/08 12:31 AM
ZO? I thought that was the other guy who played in Boston...Blout

It looks kinda cool, but the gameplay was all arcade... shooting 3s and run and gun

They could have a game if they would put some serious work into making it a sim

and yeah those swish animations are the bomb diggity
# 3 Shakedowncapo @ 08/21/08 12:37 AM
Game definitely has potential...Just one year of sim dedication and they have themselves a ballgame. They have the man power and the mo-cap studios...Just gotta put in the work.
# 4 23 @ 08/21/08 12:49 AM
Im not sure why they havent already but it was good to see the devs come in and take notes. Hope it becomes a reality one day because this game really has some potential.

Its not a lose lose motherx
# 5 Behindshadows @ 08/21/08 01:01 AM
Didn't look all that bad, looks like the artist from toy story and the guy who did the good times paintings had an affair and start doing these player models...

Game moves fast and smooth, net animations are sweet. I still hate that glowing shoot meter, it was cool for PSP but for a console game, it sucks.

And Kenny sounds like he's still reading from the 2ksports script and is just as boring. Regular commentator sounds like crap, Uncle Gary get off the damn microphone.

Also he called that guy #30 seriously, they couldn't get the names in the database before the game comes out. There shouldn't be anyone called by their number, when this game hits store shelves.
# 6 bball_1523 @ 08/21/08 01:44 AM
I like the crowd when they stand up right before the shot goes in.

[email protected] the grant hill play twice
# 7 Altimus @ 08/21/08 03:20 AM
The passing animations and running seems forced. Still looks like a solid game though.

They need to get some real people playing these games and not at easy difficult. Mark Blount shooting threes?
# 8 Vince @ 08/21/08 08:15 AM
The crowd was AMAZING.
# 9 thaSLAB @ 08/21/08 02:30 PM
Better looking than I expected. One thing that caught my eye too, is how good the crowd looks!
# 10 Bamtino @ 08/21/08 02:52 PM
Looks like a sizable improvement over last years game...I like how the game flows, the net animations are the best ever in a basketball game and the atmosphere specifically the crowd is awesome...I don't like the announcers (way too robotic), centers hitting 3's and you can see some clipping...Its a nice big step in the right direction but my basketball game of choice for this year is still 2K...
# 11 videobastard @ 08/21/08 02:58 PM
It looked better then i expected, but i wish the video would of shown a more realistic stye of play. It was just 3 pointers being jacked up.
# 12 slamfan4life @ 08/21/08 03:13 PM
came a LONGS way from the past couple years, but i still think ill stick to 2K9 or Live 09
# 13 Shinyhubcaps @ 08/21/08 06:12 PM
What was the clown suit the Heat coach was wearing? Or am I seeing things? (You have to view it full-screen to even tell.)

Anyway, it seems too fast with not enough handles. Things like 2K's Isomotion or Live's hop-step-to-shot are nonexistent from what I can tell.

EDIT: The Heat coach:

# 14 Jonesy @ 08/22/08 12:21 AM
Man that was actually not too bad looking, much better than i expected to see anyway! Have to try out the demo for sure.

And just fyi Mark Blount has developed a decent long range jumper and actually hit 17 3's last year so that's not that out of character for him to take and make one.

While i do like that shooting meter as a tool to get the timing down i hope they make it possible to turn it off as well.
# 15 Peter_OS @ 08/22/08 10:23 PM
Originally Posted by Shakedowncapo
once agaiin, nba '09 comes through with the best net animations...
I agree. They have the best net animations. EA and 2K need to take note!
# 16 DakkoN @ 08/23/08 12:45 AM
The shot meter has got to go. Hold to green = swish. Can you turn that **** off?
# 17 eDotd @ 08/23/08 10:25 AM
Beasley is left handed SCEA. And lol @ Kenny Smith. Maybe it's because I've heard him so much in 2K, but that dude is just horrible in video games.
# 18 lamoyou401 @ 08/23/08 11:29 AM
maybe next year. They still don't have signature shots. why does everybody still shot the same
# 19 23 @ 08/24/08 11:18 PM
They should though... they have the tools but i dont think its a choice to not go sim according to motherx's comments in the other thread here

They have some nice things going on in this game
# 20 ICARUS @ 08/24/08 11:35 PM
Originally Posted by jtdribbles25
I don't think they want to go sim. I think they've commited to making an alternative to live and 2k...The life portion of the game will make this a buy for me. I had a ton of fun with it on ps2.

They will for ever be number 3 with that attitude.

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