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Gamespot has posted 4 NBA 2K9 screenshots.

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# 1 Jano @ 08/21/08 04:46 PM
I can't see them
# 2 SageInfinite @ 08/21/08 04:49 PM
Not feeling them
# 3 AlexBrady @ 08/21/08 04:49 PM
wow, they look great.
# 4 rdelizo35 @ 08/21/08 04:50 PM
Originally Posted by Jano
I can't see them

Click on any of the pics and then when the new window pops up, click on any of the screens again and you can have the option to view them in full screen size.
# 5 shindiana @ 08/21/08 04:59 PM
I like the AI. Definitely an upgrade from last year.
On the other hand, Baron..
# 6 Jano @ 08/21/08 05:01 PM
Ok now I can see them, my anti virus program blocks out images for some reason when its put on a certain setting.

They look okay but none of them were that special imo.
# 7 bluedevil259 @ 08/21/08 05:03 PM
kobe's still got the full-arm sleeve
# 8 LB23 @ 08/21/08 05:10 PM
Hallelujah!!! WHITE HEADBANDS!!! But whats up with the generic shoes?
# 9 DakkoN @ 08/21/08 05:11 PM
Originally Posted by bluedevil259
kobe's still got the full-arm sleeve
That's a game killer. Man, how dare they give him a full arm sleeve instead of an elbow sleeve

Also, do you guys see how nice the sweat stained jersey on West looks? I love how it's hanging around the neck part of the jersey and then again under the waist.
# 10 Behindshadows @ 08/21/08 05:12 PM
Don't like any of them, and Kobe looks almost identical to 2k8...sorry! And don't like A.I. he looked better last year structure wise, not detail wise.
# 11 Starrtech @ 08/21/08 05:17 PM
nothing too impressive to be honest.
# 12 trobinson97 @ 08/21/08 05:18 PM
Can someone post the links?
# 13 DakkoN @ 08/21/08 05:28 PM

# 14 Muzyk23 @ 08/21/08 05:32 PM
AI looks definitely better, I hope they fix his jumper, feeling Wade too
# 15 SageInfinite @ 08/21/08 05:32 PM
Wtf is with the holes in the numbers on the jerseys? Is this how the jerseys are made this year?
# 16 orrkl2002 @ 08/21/08 05:34 PM
Originally Posted by LB23
Hallelujah!!! WHITE HEADBANDS!!! But whats up with the generic shoes?
!!!!!!!!!!!! especially for the cavs
# 17 DakkoN @ 08/21/08 05:34 PM
I can't stand the holes in the jerseys either, especially in the numbers, considering the numbers are supposed to be stitched on.

Hopefully it only looks like that in replay mode and will give it a better look when the game is in motion
# 18 Stumbleweed @ 08/21/08 05:36 PM
Yeah, they look like the cheap jerseys that they sell at the stadium shops for $40 instead of $120. The real jerseys (unless Adidas changed them all this year for some reason) all have heavy stitched-on numbers... those look like high school practice jerseys or something. Looks like Baron is wearing that sticky shelf lining stuff that you put under plants haha...
# 19 SageInfinite @ 08/21/08 05:38 PM
The screens have got to be early. I don't think 2k would let the game ship with those jerseys looking like that. Especially since they've never had this problem before. Since none of the players have sig shoes either, I'm hoping this is just due to an early build.
# 20 orrkl2002 @ 08/21/08 05:38 PM
I dont think those were taken off of a HD t.v but they look good especially after I have seen pics from a HD tv. They will deliver as always.

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