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IGN has posted a article called Madden 2010 Reader Wishlist.

"While some people suggested that EA merely get Visual Concepts to re-release NFL 2K5 (it'll own your soul, you know), and others got their timeline confused and thought that EA had convinced the NFL to give them a monopoly on football games (when it was, in fact, the other way around), plenty of readers gave really interesting ideas on improvements and modes that could really improve the game."

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# 1 clarkerots @ 08/22/08 12:27 AM
Originally Posted by hdaniel1
IGN has posted a article called Madden 2010 Reader Wishlist.
I've never been one to throw the "fanboy" tag around, but doesn't anyone see anything completely wrong with releasing a wishlist for next year's release a day after this year's release was on sale? It's like you can hear the Madden sheep saying "game is great, here's how you can make it better, we'll wait for next year....AGAIN".
# 2 BezO @ 08/22/08 08:39 AM
When is our wishlist going up?
# 3 PaulZweber @ 08/22/08 11:11 AM
The list isn't IGNs, it is people reading and sending in ideas. The readers list is garbage? Everyone who posted read it, so does that mean your ideas are garbage? Wish lists have been on this board for 2010 before 09 released, so why would you blast IGN for doing one?

Originally Posted by Revelation
Anyone who actually read through IGN's review for Madden 09' should recognize by now that they have zero credibility.

This list is equally garbage.
# 4 roadman @ 08/22/08 11:40 AM
Comparing Madden to smoking back in the day. Ok.
# 5 carnalnirvana @ 08/24/08 06:31 PM
all i want is the cpu to play better on the field...... madden does not need more modes...... or superstar. what madden need is to start playing like afootball game.

how about giving each them or coach a distinct style to govern play that way when i play the pats i should be thinking about defending their weapons.....

or colts or steelers.

this is overlooked every year its frustrating..

i have to do a 32 team franchise just to get all teams to play decently by editing each coach's profile.
# 6 baebllr408 @ 12/19/08 04:06 PM

(I am sorry for the legnth, and I hope it doesn't turn you away from reading, because these are issues that have been nagging since 07

- Gameclock- Lets do something like the NHL series where it shows 15min, but the speed is dictated by the user.
- SACKS+ LB STATS- For the love of me how is this not solved?? Playing 5min quarters (Demarcus Ware+ Greg Ellis) by the end of the season my teams is always last or one of the last in Sacks!!
- Hairstyles+ Hair Color- more hairstyles/ colors need to be implemented as well as the ability to change them (Michael Crabtree comes into Madden with dreadlocks!!!)
- Players models- they are very sad. Terrell Owens looks like he weighs 180lbs.
- Ask Madden- don’t force feed us Madden because you do not want to include him in the game. I don’t want him hinting out what play I may pick to opposing players… most of the time I have to change the play he suggested even if, although rarely, it is appropriate for the situation. (Look to NCAA football and how you can turn Corso off.
- Player Name Plates/ Jersey’s- I suppose this could essentially go under player models, but you cant even see a little blur of white where the name plate is supposed to be. The jerseys (especially Philadelphia home green, they look shiny and plastic). The jerseys look more like the cheap ironed on number/ name ones rather than the “authentic” ones the pros wear.
- AI Sliders- how about you add more, and they actually work! I turned pass rush all the way up for me and it still didn’t make a difference.
- CPU needs to run more plays- This can be fixed by shortening the play clock. This would also help fix the problem with LB stats (more tackles).
- Return game- This is horrible!! Punt returns, and kick returns are too easy, at the same time almost impossible to take it for a touchdown! Madden 07 (PS2) was perfect in this regard.
- Player Editiing- self explanatory. Needs to be more expanded. More options for jersey styles (long sleeves, cutoff sleeves). The under armor (top) half sleeves, etc.
- Playoff Logo- I would think this would be the most basic and easiest thing. PUT A PLAYOFF LOGO on the field for the playoffs! This simple feature enhances that game tremendously and you may be able to tell the difference between a regular season game, and a PLAYOFF game.
- Atmosphere- Currently there is no difference between a playoff game and a regular season game, and hardly a difference (maybe I am imagining one) between the SuperBowl, and a regular season game. ( louder fans, more flashy lights, LOGO’ s on the field, etc.
- Super Bowl- Lazy *** madden people they cant even do the endzones right for the superbowl! How about the celebration? It definetly could use some enhancing. Make me playing a whole season, hell franchise, something more then just getting stats for my players.
- Pro Bowl- Again, I do not know how a game goes backwards, but the PRO BOWL HELMETS of the players teams!!!
- L2 + R1 for team scrolling- It is up surd! Really? Make it so we can scroll through the teams faster and when we go to a team that team is ACTIVE.
- Stadiums- It would be cool (since all the stadiums that are going to be coming out there plans are already released to have them in the game). It is annoying to hear Madden say, in the third year of the franchise, “welcome to the last year at Texas Stadium.” I am also willing to bet that next years game will say “ welcome to the new Cowboys Stadium” in my third year of the franchise. In the same vein it would be cool to have old stadiums become unlockable.
- Touchbacks- It would be cool to actually be able to prevent touchbacks on punts!!! Also, when the ball bounces in the end zone ( I don’t understand why the makers of Madden don’t know NFL rules) but it is NOT an automatic TOUCHBACK!!! In fact, this would work in the favor of those of us who do know the rules, because when a player will let it go into the endzone, and the kicking team recovers, that would be a touchdown.
- CPU 2 Min Offense- CPU has HORRIBLE clock management.
- QB Kneels- Wow, I don’t know how this has been implemented yet, but we could end the games with about a minute left to play (without running extra plays, or simulating because CPU is ******** and will actually throw the ball) by allowing QB kneels to end the game early. Simple, if you are playing against user, and basic menu comes up… END GAME? YES… NO. If not then we can keep running plays.
- Records- More records!!! Longest pass/ run, kicking/ punting records (I cannot believe how these players get no love even in game), defensive records (tackles, forced fumbles, etc), kick/ punt return, career averages (pass, rush, return, etc), career attempts (pass, rush, etc), consecutive games played, coaching records (win, loss, percentage, playoff, etc), etc, etc, etc, etc….http://www.nfl.com/history/randf
- Franchise Archive- A tab in franchise where the past standings, award winners, playoff, superbowl winners, etc can viewed.
- Madden IQ- Cool concept, but I do not want my game experience to change based on that. Let me play with the sliders to make the game experience to my liking (this is completely objective across the board with each player and frankly a joke that madden tries to objectify all players experiences). Some players like playing blowouts, while others like to play competitive games. IQ should remain however but it should be just that; your IQ. For example if you play mostly on All- Madden level then you should get more IQ points for a win, and lose less IQ points for a loss.
- Franchise Team Management- I like to select all of the teams in Franchise mode when I play for multiple reasons (one main one would be to prevent them from relocating). So it would be very prudent of Madden to allow team by team options for USER/ CPU team management (sign/resign, release, trade, fill roster, depth charts, etc).
- Gameplay- Almost 10/10 times I can hit a short crossing pattern the only times I don’t is if I press the button too early on accident. 9/10 times I can hit a comeback route (it depends if the defense is playing zone underneath. The defense should be able to stop lose plays at least 50% of the time. How about fade routes in the endzone? Jump balls? More tip-toe catches, players not running out of bounds on routes? Collapsing pockets? Fumbled handoffs/ snaps? Players slipping in the rain? How about the weather affecting the speed of the players?
- In Game Overlays- Way too bulky and ugly! All sports channels have a sleek little bar across the top or bottom of the screen (and I am not necessarily saying that Madden should use ESPN because they only play MNF games), but it would be cool if they used ESPN overlay for the MNF games. Also, the stats are always wrong! It would be tremendous if it was possible to use the overlays from FOX, ESPN, NBC, NFL NETWORK (even without the commentators).
- Commentators- This one might be stretching it, but more then one team? I don’t care if it’s two EA employees. Again, if it were possible it would sick to have the real commentators for the corresponding channels that would be sick.
- Kicking- It would be nice to have the power (mostly accuracy rating) mean something! Have an accuracy and power bar. I would like to be able to try to break the kicking record if the conditions are right and my kicker has a 99KP and 99ACC.
- Division Re-Alignment/ Expansion team- In Franchise mode it would be cool to have the option to re-align divisions or add expansion team(s).
- QB Awareness Rating- Simple:
o 0-50—0 reciever Icon
o 51-60—1 reciever icons
o 61-70—2 reciever icons
o 71-80—3 reviever icons
o 81-90 – 4 “”
o 90-100—all.
- In addition, depending on the rating, the receiver icons would change every so often. So for a QB with good awareness his receivers will always have the same icons.

I do not believe that anything that was put on this list is difficult or inappropriate ( i.e. eye sensor for the receiver when the ball is thrown). These are the most basic elements of the NFL, that are missing from the game. I am an NFL fan first, and a Madden fan (currently second), but that could change very soon. I WOULD PAY MORE FOR THE GAME IF IT COSTS THEM MORE TO ADD JUST MOST OF THESE FUNCTIONS.
# 7 Cryolemon @ 12/19/08 05:39 PM
Originally Posted by Details
When EA locked up the NFL license, was 2K forced to relinquish ownership of our souls? It only seems fair.
Hahaha. Nice.
# 8 LL-Cool-P @ 12/19/08 05:48 PM
Originally Posted by Cryolemon
Hahaha. Nice.
Lol, at first glance I thought you were quoting and replying to yourself.
# 9 Cryolemon @ 12/19/08 06:02 PM
Originally Posted by LL-Cool-P
Lol, at first glance I thought you were quoting and replying to yourself.
Well, we are both Dolphins fans. *changes avatar*

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