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Gamespy has posted their preview of MotorStorm: Pacific Rift.

"Right now, Pacific Rift is 80% complete, so what we saw is fairly indicative of the final game. We asked Hollywood about how Evolution addressed complaints lobbied at the first game by both hardcore racing fans and average gamers. Hardcore gamers griped about AI that cheated when it turned corners. Average gamers were turned off by the difficulty. Hollywood said that the team has fine-tuned the AI so that it's subject to the same rules as the player. The difficulty ramp is getting tweaked in the home stretch. Many gamers griped about how quickly MotorStorm went from simple to painful. He's promised that the difficulty will raise in a more gradual manner in Pacific Rift. Right now, that tuning is a big part of the last 20% of the game, he said. Our other gripe, the lengthy load times during vehicle selection, are remedied."

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