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EA Sports and the FIFA 09 team, just sent us this Operation Sports exclusive FIFA 09 video clip. It features interviews with members of the development team, as they talk about the making of the game, their passion for making it and some of the new features this year. It also features gameplay footage and front end footage showing how to set up custom team tactics.

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FIFA Soccer 09 Videos
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# 1 thegoons21 @ 08/27/08 07:36 PM
Worth a watch. Player models look great. Can't wait.
# 2 welshman11 @ 08/27/08 07:57 PM
it is looking solid - thanks for bringing this video to the best sports gaming site etc etc

im prolly the only one who gives a rats arse but does anybody know if the achievements are going to be as ghetto as the challenge system of 08? I'm more of a single player career mode kind of dude but I like to change it up now and then with other options. That said, I found the challenge system a bit rough to complete without playing the system at times.

anyways yeh the clip was great and it was cool to hear from a variety of devs
# 3 spit_bubble @ 08/27/08 07:58 PM

These promo videos are usually more about glitz than content.

EA... How about a video of two developers playing versus, and setting up custom tactics pregame?
# 4 ChubbyBanana @ 08/27/08 08:05 PM
Looking good. Highly anticipating this. 10 vs. 10 online sounds really cool.
# 5 welshman11 @ 08/27/08 09:19 PM
Yeh you're right Koshi - atleast the glitz was pretty decent glitz though eh - seeing a lot of smooth new animations
# 6 BrianFifaFan @ 08/27/08 09:21 PM
Nice vid, saw it earlier on YouTube. It's the first of 8 or 9, this is one set of vids I'm really stoked for. This game is the real deal.........
# 7 J-Unit40 @ 08/27/08 09:35 PM
This game looks really solid this year. Thanks for posting the demo.

Lackluster performances from EA in the football department, not futbol, football (NCAA & Madden '07 & '08) really opened my eyes to this series. I'm looking forward to this one again this year.
# 8 spit_bubble @ 08/28/08 12:07 AM
Originally Posted by welshman11
Yeh you're right Koshi - atleast the glitz was pretty decent glitz though eh - seeing a lot of smooth new animations
Glitz is glitz. It's always gonna be at least decent, or else companies wouldn't put it out there.

I'm just eager to see more about the custom tactics. This feature has the potential to bring a new, much needed dimension to soccer games.
# 9 asu666 @ 08/28/08 10:12 AM
I'm loving that they finally are going to get national play in the game too. Even if it's not licensed, that will be a huge improvement over being locked into a club.

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