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Check out the NBA Live 09 quickstrike and lockdown video and screenshots.

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# 1 Jano @ 08/28/08 03:30 PM
Good find rockchilser.

Video looked pretty good to me, I can't wait to try out all of these new features myself with the demo.
# 2 rockchisler @ 08/28/08 03:32 PM
Originally Posted by Jano
Good find rockchilser.

Video looked pretty good to me, I can't wait to try out all of these new features myself with the demo.

Thanks and yes the demo will be just a nice little snack to hold me over till the full meal in October.
# 3 DakkoN @ 08/28/08 03:41 PM
The B-Diddy sequence looked nice.
# 4 Moshood @ 08/28/08 03:50 PM
I'm liking the QSA in that you can blow past defenders. Gonna be fun to cross people up. Can't wait for this game.
# 5 Jano @ 08/28/08 03:56 PM
I'm really liking the player to player interactions on the perimeter looks pretty realistic.

Hopefully the post game interactions will be just as good. Though if its like March Madness I can deal with it as long as the help defense has more of presence than it did in that game.

The player to player interactions is one area that I hope VC improved with 2K9, I really wasn't feeling the way it was setup last year.
# 6 bateman11 @ 08/28/08 03:59 PM
Looks nice
# 7 blingballa333 @ 08/28/08 04:04 PM
That looked pretty good. The only thing I'm worried about is that QSA is going to be abused online but I guess Lockdown D might take care of that but If the demo shows me that I can get to the hoop too easy, that will be a dissapointment. The animation looked pretty solid in that vid, the players jostling around the perimeter looks a little iffy but its a good touch. The thing that really annoys me is those players models. Greg Oden looks like a twig while D-Will looks like he could bench 400 lbs with all that definition he has lol. If they would just fix the players legs........I forgot something, I don't know how much more corny that video could have gotten
# 8 Krayzie13 @ 08/28/08 04:32 PM
I couldn't understand that guy speaking canadian
# 9 Muzyk23 @ 08/28/08 04:41 PM
Those animations looked really niiice..is Live 09 a mixed bag when it comes to animations? I guess so

btw great video..I love the fact that the guys responsible for making the game put out videos like this one
# 10 kmart2180 @ 08/28/08 04:45 PM
Wow looks good! This a gonna be a great B-Ball season with both games.
# 11 Furq @ 08/28/08 05:02 PM
Some nice things about it, I actually think this may be better implemented than the defensive lock in 2k. I will say though, both 2k and Live seemingly haven't noticed that handchecking on the perimeter is illegal now
# 12 BrianFifaFan @ 08/28/08 05:06 PM
Nice vid. I'm gonna give the demo a go. I've been 2k-only for 4 years now and I'm actually thinking that Live might have a little something this year......
# 13 SageInfinite @ 08/28/08 05:09 PM
That looked really good imo. Damn I can't wait for the demo. I hope the game was on rookie during the offensive showcase. Yao had a clean block on Tony and turned the other way
# 14 jewelz1132 @ 08/28/08 05:10 PM
I like this video a lot lol..It will be really great if the pick and roll controls will setup up mismatches like Dirk on Nash or something like that to really put QS to the good use..The only thing that would make this flawless is if there were more signature dribbles. The block AI did was nice but I hope it doesn't happen very frequently. I wonder if Kobe slaps you in the face when you block his shot lol
# 15 23bluesman @ 08/28/08 05:22 PM
Looks like the guys had fun making this video lol! Anyway, I like it, the game looks promising. As already mentioned the player interactions on the perimeter is a nice touch. The Deron off-the-glass and Nash finger roll lay-ins were pretty sweet, as was the Parker vs. Billups matchup.

But what I really liked in that vid was the footplanting. Just look at B-Diddy's drive, and Tony Parker's hesitation dribbles after...even the defensive jostle animations during the lockdown d feature looked smooth footplanting wise. It looks really improved this year imo, at least from the vids that I have seen.
# 16 WTF @ 08/28/08 06:08 PM
Game looked really nice in my opinion. I can't wait for it personally. Looks to have fixed quite a few of the quirky animations that I had beef with, the dunks and sig shots are better...

Overall, I'm really liking what Live is bringing to the table this year.
# 17 bateman11 @ 08/28/08 06:48 PM
LMFAO at Eddy Curry
# 18 İroke @ 08/28/08 07:02 PM
I really like Ray Allen's shot. It looks like his signature shot, but off-balanced. Very real IMO. Lots of off-balanced shots per game in the NBA. It's hard to find a guy with his feet pointing to the rim while he's shooting unless is a wide open shot. Pretty realistic.

This is the best Live video right now. It shows defense (looks good). And the smoothness of all of the animations is impressive.

Both NBA games for me this year. No doubt.

PS: Sorry for my english
# 19 Greene_Flash03 @ 08/28/08 07:09 PM
Wow, now I'm really excited! Looks like I will have a good time playing D this time around! Best video so far IMO
# 20 slvicick @ 08/28/08 07:49 PM
Mann, this looks like a real fun game. I'm gettin real close to a purchase on this. Especially if DNA works like its supposed to.

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