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IGN has posted a Q&A with Gareth Reeder, Producer of NBA Live 09.

IGN: "How are hot and cold streaks decided?"

Gareth Reeder: "There are actually two different streak values we look at from Synergy Sports Technology. The first is your traditional "shot" streak; if a player shot better than he usually does during that game, then he will be hot in the game. This is most determined by the player's shooting percentage, but also takes into account his position and other factors."

Update: We've just uploaded the NBA Rewind Producer tutorial video.

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# 1 23bluesman @ 09/03/08 06:00 PM
Ah beat me to it haha! I hope that the demo features this, letting us choose to rewind a couple of games, so that we don't get stuck with only two teams.
# 2 bateman11 @ 09/03/08 06:02 PM
lol. Beluba hinted that the demo would be a little different than in previous years.
# 3 bigeastbumrush @ 09/03/08 06:14 PM
Dude travelled twice on his two crappy jumpers.

Either way...the footage was good.
# 4 23bluesman @ 09/03/08 06:18 PM
I like the feature too, it'll be a nice break in-between my franchising stuff.

Damn this Synergy thing gave EA a lot of tools to play with! We have yet to see how it translates in game, but they really built a great foundation for Live with this.

The game looks great, and the demo can't come soon enough!

Nice ending to that video too, very creative. EA really puts a lot of effort into these vids.
# 5 SageInfinite @ 09/03/08 06:19 PM
Originally Posted by gpe1975

Am I over analyzing?
# 6 SageInfinite @ 09/03/08 06:22 PM
Dunk animations are 3 times better than 08. I wish they had something like the shotstick in Live tho. Kobe doing 360's in a half court setting is not a good look, lol. Jumpshots look terrible tho. Graphics look amazing tho. Can't wait to play!
# 7 Beluba @ 09/03/08 06:31 PM
lol. don't hate on garreth. he's like a mini-KG/Kevin Mchale during our lunch runs.
# 8 bateman11 @ 09/03/08 06:33 PM
Originally Posted by Beluba
lol. don't hate on garreth. he's like a mini-KG/Kevin Mchale during our lunch runs.
ha. i like these videos. these guys dont seem too bad, cept jeff antwi thinks hes bruce bowen, lol.
# 9 SageInfinite @ 09/03/08 06:33 PM
@ this thread
# 10 SageInfinite @ 09/03/08 06:47 PM
The 1st shot didn't look like a travel. 2nd shot was definitely a travel.
# 11 BiggD @ 09/03/08 06:54 PM
Wonder how many takes it took for that dude to hit his jumper at the end
# 12 SageInfinite @ 09/03/08 06:57 PM
Originally Posted by gpe1975
1st one wasn't as bad, but still a travel. It was a crow hop with a little extra.
That would never get called tho.
# 13 BiggD @ 09/03/08 06:58 PM
NBA players get away with that crap all the time... maybe he is in training?
# 14 23 @ 09/03/08 07:02 PM
gonna merge this
# 15 NumberOneRB @ 09/03/08 07:03 PM
The game is really coming along, although I would agree that the jumpshots still look a bit twitchy. Hopefully, they can continue to smoothen those out as it approaches completion.
# 16 23 @ 09/03/08 07:16 PM
You guys are clowning the assist producer for travelling when he hit that ICE COLD J in some dress shoes? PFFT, and the 2k fans think people complain alot

Nah, that video was nice, i like the touch with the producers explaining the game themselves on the court trying to make things more personable to the fans and exposing who they are.

IMO they seem much more knowledgable about the game than the other guys i remember seeing (no slight).... especially the cheeser guy with the glasses who loved to do nothing but dunk with kobe every play

The dunks look alot smoother, jumpers seem to have different variations that look like they fit. Hopefully you can actually feel a release point because that ruins things for me in Live 08.

Oh and I think they finished the game already so whatever you see might be what you get, so yeah maybe next year they can continue to smooth the game out.
# 17 SageInfinite @ 09/03/08 07:46 PM
Originally Posted by KDRE_OS

The dunks look alot smoother, jumpers seem to have different variations that look like they fit. Hopefully you can actually feel a release point because that ruins things for me in Live 08.
This is key for me as well. I hope you can really feel the jumpshots this year. I hope they don't feel as stiff as they look*pause*
# 18 RubenDouglas @ 09/03/08 07:47 PM
KDRE, the rockets havent had haluska and green for awhile now. SOme of the footage may be what we're getting but I dont know about some of it. I guess we'll wait and see.

That kobe dunk at the end was the only thing that looked off to me animation wise. Sliding or something on the initial take off.. Not a huge issue.

nba rewind sounds fun but awfully complex if you think about, so I do wonder how execution is on that, and the daily updated DNA.... I dont want the spurs to all of sudden change their tendencies to shoot threes for their next game because the past game they made 15 of them.. I want the CPU to evaluate the current matchup and revise its tendencies to match its player personell. thats truely dynamic. The spurs next opponent where theyll be getting their tendency increase in three pointers may be the BEST three point defensive team. Sure you want a team to play to their strengths but it has to be both reflecting on the past and looking ahead. Will live be looking ahead in any instance?
# 19 blackngoldfan @ 09/03/08 07:51 PM
I liked the charge animation at 1:11. The Hornets new uniforms look nice.
# 20 23 @ 09/03/08 07:53 PM
Do you mean the jersey's Reuben?

As far as how the AI interacts because of the synergy thing is what we've been saying remains to be seen. Only time will tell though since it'll take time to gather enough data to reflect on the upcoming year.

...and yes that charge animation was nice too but one thing i HATE is the AI blocking jumpers... that doesn't happen often. Is there a slider or tweak for this because i hate that.

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