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I'm back now and wanted to relay some news - we found and fixed the Franchise freezing issue that some have been seeing and decided to delay the patch a couple of days in order to get that in. Major thanks to this community ...a few folks here on OperationSports actually emailed me PS3 Franchise files which allowed us to track the issue down much more quickly. You guys rock - as always!

The patch is now at our internal quality control group, and then on to Sony and Microsoft by (we think) Friday.

We are still targeting about 2-3 weeks from now for the patch to drop, and of course I will keep you updated as things progress.


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# 1 Joborule @ 09/03/08 07:55 PM
Cool beans. Much thanks guys.
# 2 ajwines64 @ 09/03/08 07:57 PM
Hey man great work! Just wanted to see if you were aware of the ps3 slowdown against the cpu with the colts. There is a thread on here called "Extreme PS3 Slowdown". Didn't know if this somehow got addressed in the patch or if this is something else that needs to be fixed with the disc maybe?
# 3 TNKNGM @ 09/03/08 07:58 PM
any official info on the roster update?
# 4 03MstGT290 @ 09/03/08 07:59 PM
Thanks for all of the work you do to make Madden 09 a much improved game!

Hope you had a nice break, Ian!

# 5 thescoop @ 09/03/08 08:04 PM
cool. I do wish Microsoft and Sony allowed you to get it to us quicker, but I understand why they want to look at it.
# 6 coogrfan @ 09/03/08 08:04 PM
Sounds good, thanks for the update.
# 7 BrianFifaFan @ 09/03/08 08:05 PM
Stickied as requested, Brian....

Oh yeah. Thanks for the news. I've been waiting on starting my franchise as well. Good to hear the freeze is fixed. Now what's up with the DLC?
# 8 g2thecore @ 09/03/08 08:06 PM
Well I can't say that I've had any issues with the Franchise freezing, but that's good news either way....Thanks as always Ian!
# 9 RAZRr1275 @ 09/03/08 08:12 PM
Sounds good!
# 10 talbain @ 09/03/08 08:23 PM
Originally Posted by thescoop
cool. I do wish Microsoft and Sony allowed you to get it to us quicker, but I understand why they want to look at it.
this sony/microsoft qc check cracks me up. if they did their jobs in the first place then the ea patches wouldn't have been necessary...
# 11 BenjiA @ 09/03/08 08:26 PM
wow, 2-3 weeks is such a long time! Hope it goes faster...
# 12 Jono078 @ 09/03/08 08:32 PM
Bummed about it being 2-3 weeks

I was under the assumption the original patch #2 was coming out mid Sept, so now it will be late Sept.
# 13 chicago23 @ 09/03/08 08:35 PM
Thanks for all your help, Ian. Having the development team on these forums since day one and taking the time to make this game as good as possible is a credit to all of you.
# 14 fantasysportsguy @ 09/03/08 08:36 PM
I thought that 2 weeks ago it was gonna be.....2 weeks from then...... Like jono078 I am a bit bummed by that also as I was waiting on that patch to start my season.

Oh well, no biggie I suppose.
# 15 bad_philanthropy @ 09/03/08 08:45 PM
It's great that the franchise freezing got fixed. I really feel like most of the small bugs that added up to be a big detractor on the game experience have really been addressed. This is the first time in years I've felt that way about a Madden game. Great work by the dev team to to make Madden nearly bug free. Thanks Ian an co.
# 16 boooey @ 09/03/08 08:57 PM
thanks Ian.

while it does stink to wait yet another 3 weeks to start my franchise..
I think everyone should be grateful that you are here listening to us and keeping us more informed than we have ever been in years past.

(what exactly takes Sony and MS so long anyway?)
# 17 texbuk84 @ 09/03/08 08:57 PM
sounds good to me. thanks a mill
# 18 Tweeg @ 09/03/08 09:16 PM
Thanks Ian. If I start a franchise now with created players, will they begin to progress once this next patch is installed?
# 19 drlw322 @ 09/03/08 09:37 PM
thanks Ian, one question any update on the DLC.
# 20 CWSpalehoseCWS @ 09/03/08 09:56 PM
Awesome, I can easily wait a few weeks to start my Bears franchise.

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