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The NBA Live 09 demo has been released, please download it and post your impressions here.

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# 1 Monta8 @ 09/04/08 04:46 AM
Originally Posted by wurstman3000
only checked the German marketplace, but it should be released everywhere; downloading right now.
I was skimming thur the demos and i see nba live 09 im like am i seeing this right? Came on here to post a thread if it wasnt posted.
# 2 stizz @ 09/04/08 05:02 AM
Sweet. Post your impressions and tell us the details when you've had a few games.
# 3 ExtremeGamer @ 09/04/08 05:11 AM
I just downloaded it, will be back with impressions.
# 4 İroke @ 09/04/08 05:22 AM
Is this real? Man, i'm nervous haha

Yeaaahh!! It's real!!

# 5 ExtremeGamer @ 09/04/08 05:24 AM
The demo starts off with a Live 365 video, explaining everything that's new.

Then you are in the Celtics gym. Looks so much better than last year, much more alive with players shooting with you. Highlight videos are playing on the TV screens, etc.

You have 3 game options, all Lakers vs. Celtics. Normal, and 2 rewind games (11/23/07 and 6/8/08). You can view the historical box score for both games.

Quarters are 2 minutes long. You only play 1 half.

The crowd looks awesome, and hearing Marv Albert and Steve Kerr rules.

The tip off is fixed!!! hooray!

Wow, this doesn't really feel like Live 08, 07, etc. I can't describe it, but it feels more "real". Doesn't feel like the jittery Live feel if that makes sense. Everything feels tighter.

Sig shots look fantastic. The atmosphere is great, crowd chanting "defense,defense". I'm sold.

EDIT - Love the 2 man pick game, nice addition.
# 6 İroke @ 09/04/08 05:45 AM
Wow, thanks extremegamer.

90% now.

And then I have 10 minutes to play... I gotta go to work...
# 7 trobinson97 @ 09/04/08 05:47 AM
Thanks for that, downloading now. Should be interesting.
# 8 bateman11 @ 09/04/08 05:48 AM
holy **** put it on psn
# 9 Monta8 @ 09/04/08 05:53 AM
The gym is def dope i just dunked over one of my teammates in practice under the rim and he fell .

How do you control the 2 man game?

PS3 users lost
# 10 stizz @ 09/04/08 06:01 AM
Does the demo end after you finish the game like last year or does it bring you back to the gym?
# 11 ExtremeGamer @ 09/04/08 06:02 AM
Originally Posted by stizz
Does the demo end after you finish the game like last year or does it bring you back to the gym?
Back to the gym.
# 12 bateman11 @ 09/04/08 06:08 AM
You guys liking the game?
# 13 bateman11 @ 09/04/08 06:35 AM
PSN updates the store on Thursdays though, so it should be up when I get home from school. Going to be a long day lol.

Hvae fun guys, keep impressions coming.
# 14 DakkoN @ 09/04/08 06:36 AM
So... about that post by Beluba....


# 15 bateman11 @ 09/04/08 06:40 AM
Originally Posted by DakkoN
So... about that post by Beluba....


What a joker I knew it would be out earlier.
# 16 PsychoBulk @ 09/04/08 06:47 AM
Beluba my man...is this due on PSN today as well?

I hope so...we PS3 folk need to feel the love as well
# 17 Peter_OS @ 09/04/08 06:56 AM
What a pleasent suprise!

It's up right now folks. Downloading as I type!

# 18 wurstman3000 @ 09/04/08 06:57 AM
I only had time for two games and unlike last year, I want to check it out some more later - it definitely felt better than 08.
About the demo itself - take a note VC! That's how it should be; you can check nearly all option screens and get informations about it.

It's nice to play around in the gym while loading, but it's still just a way to make the load time a bit enjoyible. And then it goes to a camera seemingly moving from the locker room to the court - it still reads 'loading'. I guess I'm cosseted by VC and the PES series, but that is something that bothers me with all EA sports games - loading takes too long.
The fans look good - as long as they are blurred or on pics. While it's not as bad as in NHL09, they only have like 5 animation frames per second.
As said, the initial impression of the actual gameplay is positive; I left with the want of playing some more - didn't even check all the controls. Only strange thing I noticed: In both games a CPU player hit from his own court half, a few steps to the half court line - hope that's not the norm.
# 19 Peter_OS @ 09/04/08 06:58 AM
Btw, can get get a demo impressions thread going and moved to the top. Thanks.
# 20 trobinson97 @ 09/04/08 07:04 AM
The demo really does not feel smooth to me. Admittedly I am still getting used to the controls, but but I've seen enough awkward looking transitions from picking up the dribble to the shot to know it's not that.

On the plus side, it looks great, though I am not a fan of the player models.

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