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The Pure demo has been released, please download it and post your impressions here.

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# 1 CS10029 @ 09/04/08 02:41 PM
Got the demo for this from Gamestop a while ago. Played it yesterday for about 15 minutes. It's actually a pretty cool game. Good looking graphics. Not too bad of a control set up. A pretty easy to use trick/turbo set up. Awesome looking tracks that launch you extremely high in the air.

I would download it and give it a try it. Quite the sleeper of a game here.
# 2 ExtremeGamer @ 09/04/08 03:40 PM
Yeah, I've had it about a week, I wasn't sure what to expect, came out of it loving the title.
# 3 CS10029 @ 09/04/08 03:42 PM
Originally Posted by ExtremeGamer
Yeah, I've had it about a week, I wasn't sure what to expect, came out of it loving the title.
Exactly. I saw the Disney marking and was expecting a craptastic game. Pretty fun, doubt people will really give it a chance though.
# 4 terpinheelland @ 09/04/08 09:48 PM
I like it.
It reminds me of ATV Off Road Fury
# 5 RunN1st @ 09/05/08 01:12 PM
I really enjoyed this one. I'm more of a sim racing fan but I had a blast last night.
# 6 lnin0 @ 09/05/08 05:37 PM
Looks great and a fun romp but I wouldn't probably consider rental material only. Just seemed like it would get a big shallow quick - simplistic trick controls, overly forgiving physics and a complete lack of AI - although strong net code might make up somewhat for that.
# 7 eDotd @ 09/05/08 09:45 PM
I love this game.

There will be more "special tricks" (LB+RB) in retail though right? Or is it only the 3 that's in the demo?

Edit: Nevermind. Just exited the demo and saw there will be over 70 tricks. There's a strong possibility I'll pick this up when it drops.
# 8 allBthere @ 09/06/08 12:05 AM
I liked the demo. I liked the jumping, it reminds me of dreams I get from time to time (skiing or running and jumping) where you go so high that it seems impossible and a bit scary to land, it's almost like flying.
# 9 CS10029 @ 09/06/08 02:40 AM
This is the definately the sleeper of the year.
# 10 Blzer @ 09/06/08 08:36 AM
This is SSX meets ATV Offroad Fury... definitely not a bad combination.

The demo is fantastic, and there are like fifty more tracks in the regular version I believe. Pretty wicked. The laps are very long as well, that's a nice touch.

I just hope that there are different difficulty settings and that there's multiplayer... both online and offline.
# 11 bigfnjoe96 @ 09/06/08 12:54 PM
Simply Brilliant.... BTW has anyone been able to pull off a "Special Trick". I just pulled-1 of.. Words can't describe the awesomeness I felt while in the air...
# 12 Mrcabone @ 09/06/08 02:24 PM
Im not a big fan of these type of racing games, but I enjoyed Pure.(wish the demo was multiplayer).This is the type of game that should be released around Jan-March,just too many big titles coming in October for me to buy Pure.
# 13 CS10029 @ 09/07/08 01:30 AM
I agree completely. Wrong time for this game to come out. Everyone is saving money for the big titles and Christmas.

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