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The NBA 2K9 teaser video #4 is online. Check it out!

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# 1 Iadf @ 09/08/08 01:19 PM
that was cool, i can't wait to have all these great point guards in the game. thanks

After watching it again the fact that his hands don't connect with the rim right is messed up to have in this day and age.
# 2 eko718 @ 09/08/08 01:22 PM
Ok, ok... I like that.... Isomotion looks hot, D Rose is hooked, hopefully actual gameplay vids are soon to follow.
# 3 SageInfinite @ 09/08/08 01:22 PM
Damn that cross was nice. The graphics really look good, the ball looks great as well.
# 4 noshun @ 09/08/08 01:25 PM
Originally Posted by SageInfinite
Damn that cross was nice. The graphics really look good, the ball looks great as well.
What Sage said....
# 5 Shakedowncapo @ 09/08/08 01:27 PM
DC is gonna go nuts...

(not in a good way either)
# 6 Muzyk23 @ 09/08/08 01:27 PM
the hands still don't grab the rim..booo
# 7 tehova @ 09/08/08 01:29 PM

Dunking in traffic
# 8 ThaGenecyst @ 09/08/08 01:29 PM
looks good but lol why is the crowd cheering for there player gettin banged on???

other than that, graphics look good, isomotion looks smooth, and so did that whole transition
# 9 Rebel_INS @ 09/08/08 01:30 PM

I can't wait 2 get a feel of what they did with the iso-motion this year.

Woulda been nice if he finished the move with a double clutch layup rather than a dunk though but whatever...cool either way...
# 10 Furq @ 09/08/08 01:34 PM
Nice but isn't that wallace taking the charge?

I haven't seen Rose play much but I don't really believe he would take that much contact from Wallace and still be able to dunk...
# 11 blackngoldfan @ 09/08/08 01:36 PM
Lol @ the B. Wallace electric slide.
# 12 fewrookies @ 09/08/08 01:37 PM
Is it just me or are the two first teasers much better than this one?
# 13 Shakedowncapo @ 09/08/08 01:40 PM
I thought overall it was fine...

Only beef I have is the recovery off the 2nd crossover, he got back into his inital stance to quick for my tastes...

Small gripe.
# 14 Pared @ 09/08/08 01:43 PM

Finally... now you guys will get the serious stuff. It's on the horizon.
# 15 shindiana @ 09/08/08 01:43 PM
They spent time to add details on the rookies face too .
# 16 Bornindamecca @ 09/08/08 01:44 PM
PG stands for Passing Guard, Derrick, you ballhog! Share the rock!

Looks good though. Obviously a lot of the same 2kisms are there. Hand not touching the rim, collision not causing a change in the dunk animation(especially before take off), but overall it looks real good. Loving the faces. The clothing animations looked nice. I liked a lot of the footplanting. Step back cross was sick.
# 17 orrkl2002 @ 09/08/08 01:48 PM
FI-NA-LLY!!!!! Lebron has a white headband high on his forehead !!!!!!!! Its been a long time coming 2k but yall finally did it.
# 18 Shinyhubcaps @ 09/08/08 01:50 PM
According to the Cavs site, Mo Williams will be #2, not #5.

Other than that, the rim "grab" (one of the worst I can remember) is the only thing that bothers me. More than ever, though, you can tell that this game is coming out soon, and that's the point that needs to be made.
# 19 bucksfan07 @ 09/08/08 01:50 PM
terrible video imo. How the heck would rose dunk on Wallace and knock him over. Not very realistic.
# 20 Shakedowncapo @ 09/08/08 01:50 PM
This should've been one of the teasers..

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