RACE Pro News Post

1up and IGN has posted the following Race Pro updates:
  • 1up: Race Pro Preview (360)

    "Race Pro's visuals really make you appreciate all the subtleties -- multicolored grass, rake marks in the sand, and reflections in building windows, to name just three. Excellent lighting effects only further highlight the game's beautiful cars and environments -- unless it happens to be raining, that is, in which case the blurry windshield makes seeing anything rather difficult. Best of all, there're no framerate hits to be found."
  • IGN: Race Pro Updated Impressions (360)

    "Being a sim studio, SimBin is focused on trying to make the most realistic racing game on the 360. That means cars handle like they should, tracks are ultra-realistic and the slightest bit of car damage can often cost you a podium finish."
  • IGN: Screenshots (360)

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