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"Before I go on, I'd like to point out that Graphics power and CPU power are two very different technical parameters, and it's because of the CPU power that FIFA09 on PC can not (and does not) have the same architecture as the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions. The Graphics are a separate matter, and FIFA09 on PC has leading-edge graphics."

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# 1 kerosene31 @ 09/17/08 03:29 PM
I never thought I would own another gaming console. My last one was the Sega Genesis. However, as PC sports games died out, I had to buy a console.

With baseball games dying out after MVP 05, football this year, and delays in other games, it is clear that PC is not getting any attention for sports games. Combine that with few other non EA games... and it is tough to be a sports gamer.

Actually, things are pretty bad for all PC gaming. It seems like fewer titles every year.
# 2 mattsb84 @ 09/18/08 01:40 PM
I think EA and other developers for that matter, are underestimating peoples willingness to upgrade right now. PC components are incredibly cheap.

Part of the problem PC sports games are dying are that;
1) Only EA is producing them(for the most part), there's no other competition so there's no reason to improve the market or push EA to spend some of that income on the PC. And we're seeing EA withdrawal resources from the PC at this point.

2) They're still on last gen and essentially have been the same since 2005/2006. Why would anyone pay for the same identical product year after year? Where's the need to upgrade? Is there a real question why sales are down?

3) Using the PC versions to allow for mod-ability. This is HUGE. MVP 05 is still in use because of that reason. And actually most of the major titles allow this...except for Madden.

If EA were to push the PC market a little more, put out a next-gen quality title (have they done this yet even for the consoles?) they may find sales for their PC counter-parts go up year-to-year.
# 3 teambayern @ 09/19/08 03:21 PM
Originally Posted by mattsb84
I think EA and other developers for that matter, are underestimating peoples willingness to upgrade right now. PC components are incredibly cheap.

I disagree man. The main reason I think that PC sports games are down is that it is too much of a hassle getting them to work. I used to love PC games, but so many components need tog et upgraded to keep up, and a certain level of know how is needed when the game just won't install. Couple that with the surge in the laptop markets, particuarly Macs, which have either little or no ability to run a lot of these games, and it just doens't make sense. Especially when you know that for less than 300 bucks, you get a system that will work, gauranteed, unpatched and unupgraded (without most network issues). I think PC games just required a user to accept too many surprises and be too technically knowledgeable.
# 4 kerosene31 @ 09/23/08 12:08 PM
Upgrading PCs is way more annoying than it should be. Video cards and processors have no easy way to tell which is "faster" without studying benchmarks. Is an 8800 GTS better than a 9800 GT? You've got to look at reviews and specs and figure out which is better.

Even once you get that figured out, it is hard to justify upgrading much, given the few PC games out there. My gaming PC just died after 2 years. In the past, I'd be having parts overnight shipped to my house. Now? I'm busy on my console with NHL 09 and soon to be Fifa 09 and others. I can barely justify buying anything except a cheap desktop for e-mail/internet.

Even if video card upgrades are cheap now, I don't see the point for me. My sports games are all on consoles, and there isn't much else I play on PC either.

I used to be a long time PC gamer too as I said before.

PC gaming is in a sad state. Most of the few games are banished into that far, dark corner of electronics stores.
# 5 madcap08 @ 09/23/08 02:24 PM
PC games are also easy to get on Bittorrent etc. The money has to be better for console games. Especially in foreign markets.
# 6 blackpuppy @ 10/06/08 10:36 AM
One sucks on the console, while the other sucks on the PC.

# 7 ed2008 @ 11/03/08 03:43 PM
I think the PC is capable of delivering stellar graphics and performance. I am going to use FIFA 09 & NHL 09 as examples. I just recently got both games and they play very smoothly. The graphics are very sharp. I have a GeForce 7300 graphics card. I even have the screen resolution set at 1280 x 1024 and the games don't skip a beat. I even find it easy to use the keyboard. There will be people who will disagree and say that having a controller is easier. So we all have our preferences. I am wondering if there is a website where I can download patches for the two games I mentioned. It would be nice to mod the games. Are there any websites to download those patches?
# 8 ed2008 @ 11/03/08 03:45 PM
I have NBA 2k9 for the PC. How do I dunk because my Logitech Precision controller doesn't have the analog sticks. Can I decrease the screen resolution for the game?

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