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The following sites have posted NCAA Basketball 09 articles:
  • Gamespot: NCAA Basketball 09 First Look

    "While many of the game's features are still under wraps, EA did reveal that one feature unique to the NCAA Basketball 09 series will be the addition of team tempo. Prior to the start of each game, you will have the ability to set your team's ideal tempo. You will be able to choose between half-court, balanced, and up-tempo offenses, with the assumption that players will be more effective when playing their brand of basketball. A meter is displayed on the bottom of the screen indicating which team has imposed its tempo on the other."
  • 5w-g: NCAA Basketball 09 Revealed, Part One

    "In NCAA Basketball 09, every possession is tracked; including time of possession, shot type and quality. From possession to possession, the flow of the game changes, represented by a meter displayed unobtrusively at the bottom of the screen at the beginning of every possession. Like in real basketball, the team that dictates the pace of a game usually wins, and teams with similar play styles will find that execution will make the difference between a victory and defeat."

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# 1 jfsolo @ 09/16/08 07:30 PM
Shawn's article has given me the most hope about an EA college basketball game since... forever. Their effectiveness in making gameplay, animation, and A.I. adjustments after we see what major missteps Live makes, will be critical.
# 2 ehh @ 09/16/08 10:29 PM
After reading Shawn's article and the one at Vetzballin I've grown very excited for this game.
# 3 thmst30 @ 09/16/08 11:01 PM
Well you know this game has been awful when EA even calls it "the ****s". Its good to see that they realized it though.

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