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IGN has posted an NBA Live 09 Synergy interview.

"Sports games are marching ever-toward replicating every aspect of the very real-life competitions they attempt to embody in digital form, but it's unquestionably an uphill battle. Stats must be managed. Egos and the decisions attached to them must be personified by a bunch of ones and zeroes. Player abilities and highlight reel appearances wax and wane. The game of basketball itself is an intricately detailed menagerie of random happenstances guided only by the skill of the players on the court and, perhaps, just a few injections of fate; an unpredictable series of events that have a very, very long way to go before they're replicated in games in even a remote fashion like they take place in real life.

This is where Synergy Sports Technology comes in. Culling literally years of scrutinizing detail and information on players, teams and the way they interact on the actual lacquered planks of wood that make up the myriad NBA venues around the country, Synergy seeks to deliver the kind of ridiculous detail that's all but required by teams looking to break down the techniques and plays of their competition."

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# 1 BiggD @ 09/17/08 07:14 PM
Wow, in depth is right
# 2 stephensonmc @ 09/17/08 09:21 PM
I really encourage everyone to check this out ASAP. This is coming straight from the founder and CEO of Synergy Sports who can talk about the authenticity of this all day.
# 3 Haval93 @ 09/17/08 09:23 PM
Really nice interview talks a lot about NBA Live 365 in depth and what they are doing for EA and just the basic history of how the company started...Very Nice...
# 4 Tha_Kid @ 09/17/08 10:02 PM
Don't think there is anything there that wasn't already known as far as Live goes. A quick google could've verified the legitamacy of what Synergy does but the history he gave was nice.
# 5 johnathan burroughs @ 09/18/08 06:55 PM
do not get this games please nba 2k9 ok

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