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We have just posted some screenshots from our beta copy of NBA 2K9. Look for plenty more goodies over the weekend. As always, the meat and potato screenshots first, then gameplay, possibly requests down the road. Enjoy.

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# 1 trobinson97 @ 09/19/08 05:25 AM
Thank you sir. You gonna be taking requests Steve? If so, can you go create a player sometime and post the results of said player in game?
# 2 ronnieb @ 09/19/08 05:31 AM
thanx !
gameplay vids would be great
if not ratings by position will be cool
and more screen for asso 2.0
# 3 edubbs @ 09/19/08 05:52 AM
cpu VS. cpu gameplay would be greatly appreciated Steve.
# 4 DaWolf @ 09/19/08 05:56 AM
Please show us a video with a shot off the dribble (leaner), thx.
# 5 bateman11 @ 09/19/08 06:04 AM
# 6 Goffs @ 09/19/08 06:06 AM
YES! Steve got a copy!

i need to see how the created player looks like...i want to know if they do look more human as promised
# 7 kenzil @ 09/19/08 06:18 AM
They finally have coach profile/sliders (and team sliders?)!
# 8 Tha_Kid @ 09/19/08 06:19 AM
Nice screens, the player lock controls look really interesting, seems like they should add some kind of superstar/be a pro mode in the future to highlight the interaction. On defense you grab, steer, deny, on offense you can call for the alleyoop & slap the defender's hands away.
# 9 KENYON06 @ 09/19/08 06:35 AM
Those off ball controls sound sweet. Hopefully the "Adaptive AI" adapts to what you do when you aren't controlling the ball so dudes will accept your picks you set, and you won't need to tell them when to shoot every time.
# 10 thriller92 @ 09/19/08 06:35 AM
Aldridge's midrange is way off .

Screens look great. I love that the pick and pop was added as a regular play finally.
# 11 RoyalBoyle14 @ 09/19/08 06:45 AM
YES. Love ya Steve, I know you will get us some sweet videos out this weekend....
# 12 youvalss @ 09/19/08 06:53 AM
Gonna be a great weekend. I'll be waiting for the gameplay
# 13 jewelz1132 @ 09/19/08 06:53 AM
Can I borrow the beta?
# 14 Fabric @ 09/19/08 07:22 AM
Excellent that OS now has access to a beta. If you actually make a CAP could you please post any new attributes and tendencies?
# 15 PuntNL @ 09/19/08 07:26 AM
can't wait for some vids...
# 16 WDaniel @ 09/19/08 07:46 AM
Steve, why don't you reveal the OKC Thunder jerseys to the world? We'd LOVE to see them!
# 17 RoyalBoyle14 @ 09/19/08 07:49 AM
Sweet Steve, just view them all, It's very cool, because the menus are setup just like NHL09. I will be looking forward to some more screens and videos this weekend...Thanks Steve.
# 18 Nodima @ 09/19/08 07:56 AM

# 19 Steve_OS @ 09/19/08 08:02 AM
Originally Posted by WDaniel
Steve, why don't you reveal the OKC Thunder jerseys to the world? We'd LOVE to see them!
Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to post some screenshots, or they'd be up already.
# 20 DaImmaculateONe @ 09/19/08 08:02 AM
Yeah we got madden controls of the ball that should be fun

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