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1up and Gamespot has posted the following Shaun White Snowboarding updates:
  • 1up: Shaun White Snowboarding Preview (PS3)

    "The slopes themselves look fantastic, even in the game's early state, with many different routes available to traverse the mountain; you can also place special markers along the slope. For example, say you stumble across an old silver mine you wanna jump -- if you fail, simply go back to the marker and try again. You can even record your run and upload it to Ubisoft's website for everyone else to see. Once you're at the bottom of the slope, simply hop on the ski lift or take a helicopter back to the mountaintop for another run."
  • 1up: Shaun White Snowboarding: Road Trip Preview (Wii)

    "The second time down the mountain, I fared much better; I even got used to jumping off of the various ramps dotted along the slope. To jump, you "pump up" from the board, rather than simply jumping off (think squatting and then standing, but quickly). If you hold the A and B buttons on your Wii Remote, they'll serve as "hands" that grab the board when going over a jump. Finally, quick weight shifts to the left, right, forward, or backward trigger specific tricks."
  • Gamespot: Shaun White Snowboarding Video Interview (360)

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# 1 Blzer @ 09/20/08 10:04 AM
This game looks amazing!

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