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Just threw up another one. This one with the speed slider set at 45.

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# 1 Jano @ 09/20/08 05:25 PM
Thanks for uppin the vids Steve can't wait to watch this one.
# 2 DakkoN @ 09/20/08 05:28 PM
Oh man, the Parker missed layup and the foul was hot.
# 3 Gmoney2002 @ 09/20/08 05:31 PM
Thanks Steve. Much appreciated...
# 4 jewelz1132 @ 09/20/08 05:32 PM
can you do 76ers @ Knicks in MSG? lol
# 5 bigeastbumrush @ 09/20/08 05:35 PM
Speed/tempo is much better. Kenny Smith's "Ohhh!" is still in the game.

Are there any stat overlays?
# 6 XpEeRuHmEnT @ 09/20/08 05:35 PM
It finally shows stats during free throws!!!!!!!!! But the CPU AI still looks generic. Runs down the court, call play, shoot. That's about it. No swinging the ball around or nothing
# 7 theenemy @ 09/20/08 05:39 PM
thanks a lot for the videos man.
# 8 jewelz1132 @ 09/20/08 05:39 PM
Is the falling frequent when going up in a crowd? Its probably a pain playing the Heat lol
# 9 thriller92 @ 09/20/08 05:40 PM
The fadeaways looked very fluid.

I dunno why the people playing called screen plays when they didnt even pass it to the players that were open off the screens.

Nice to see teammates moving away from the penetrator to give them space.

The Parker fall after the layup was a very nice touch.
# 10 DaImmaculateONe @ 09/20/08 05:41 PM
Omg these defense of stances are killin me

# 11 Starrtech @ 09/20/08 05:41 PM
Wow, they were not kidding about the tons of new animations. Really looks top notch, lots of great things in this video!

One concern that I'm still seeing... something about the size ratio between player & court is buggin me. It's like they keep bumping into each other after every move; thus minimizing the spacing. I would love to see an attempted Isolation play to actually get a better idea of if occasional 1-on-1 drives will be possible without clumping up the players.
# 12 texasgmr @ 09/20/08 05:45 PM
Man I loved watching that video. Thanks man for posting it up. That under hand alley oop that Parker had to Duncan for their first basket was sick. I also agree with everyone on the fall that Tony Parker had after he was fouled.

This game once again looks solid.
# 13 jewelz1132 @ 09/20/08 05:50 PM
after watching it again man..I think I might hold off 2K9 a while..gonna try it after I'm done with football season or when the NBA season starts
# 14 RubenDouglas @ 09/20/08 05:51 PM
Originally Posted by bigeastbumrush
Speed/tempo is much better. Kenny Smith's "Ohhh!" is still in the game.

Are there any stat overlays?

they still look to be tied in with the score overlay on the top of the screen? I saw a blocking foul being mentioned up there like last year.

but we do see a "info" overlay on the bottom of the screen when Parker is shooting the FT.. his school, years pro, etc...

there going in the right direction. but with the new TV presentation and cutscenes REAL stat overlays are a must.

That parker jumpshot looked amazing. look at his feet??

2k9 has so many animations its scary.

btw, steve what level is this? I saw a legitimate USER fastbreak. if this is on all pro or higher, id be ecstatic.

you can also see the CROWD being shut down and silenced? It's 100% possible to not have a huge "playoff" type atmosphere 24/7. making those moments that more exciting when they happen
# 15 Tha_Kid @ 09/20/08 05:51 PM
Thanks for the videos Steve, this was the best one yet. The speed looks good, if 50 doesn't feel right when I get my hands on it, 45 looks like a good spot.

I'm looking forward to learning how to pull off the array of new moves on the shotstick. Hopefully they learned from the past and put in a tutorial or manual for the new shots.
# 16 JackTheRipper @ 09/20/08 05:51 PM
I call flop by Finley on the T-Mac drive at 1:05ish. Speed at 45 seems pretty good to me. This video looked the most natural out of all three. You gotta hit the open man off those screens though. The Parker drive and fall looked awesome. Just like a real game.
# 17 DakkoN @ 09/20/08 06:00 PM
It's weird.. The ref bounce passes on an inbound, but still chest passes on a free throw.
# 18 NINJAK2 @ 09/20/08 06:05 PM
Man i can't wait for this game! Playing defense is going to be a lot of fun. Did you guys check out the off ball defense Artest was playing on Bowen? Finally the ability to deny guys like kobe and LBJ the rock!
# 19 supermati @ 09/20/08 06:06 PM
Looking nice on 45 speed, the game still shows some clunky ball handling animations at the top of the key, but otherwise, it's looking great.

Would like to see more of the Association, maybe a quick video showing the menus, or maybe screens.
# 20 younggrease @ 09/20/08 06:07 PM
thx a bunch for the vids...Also if you do another one can you show the Jazz. Im interested to see in AK has a sig defensive style and how Deron Williams plays

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