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Gamespot has posted the following FIFA Soccer 09 updates:
  • FIFA Soccer 09 Q&A (PC)

    Gamespot: "Give us some insight on how the PC version of FIFA 09 has evolved alongside its console counterpart. What big features will it share with the 360/PS3 version and at what point in the dev cycle do you decide to split off and go your own way with PC-specific features?"

    Paul Hossack: "FIFA 09 PC is a true PC football game, not simply a port of a console game. That said, both FIFA 09 PC and console do share some features and did work on some similar features. On both PC and console, we did a lot of work on the physicality of the game, the responsiveness of the dribble, and adding depth to the gameplay experience. In addition, you will find the new Adidas Live Season premium service available on PC, PS3, and 360."
  • FIFA Soccer 09 Official Movie (PC)

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video looks gd

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