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Videogamer has posted an interview with David Brickley, Executive Producer of Fuel.

Videogamer: "Tell us about the GPS system on the HUD. In Burnout Paradise we found we would miss turns because we were too busy trying not to crash and couldn't look at the map."

David Brickley: "It was inspired by some real world GPS' that have come out recently which project a 3D arrow going forward and then turning right. They put it on the inside of the windscreen. So as opposed to something like Ferrari Challenge or an F1 game which would imply the racing line down here, because we're up, down, left, right and all the rest of it it's at the top of the screen. If you imagine in Colin McRae when you're coming up to a turn it puts a little arrow there and it blends it in, it does something similar when approaching a change. You don't need it all of the time, if you're following the roads, then you're following the roads. But if you're going to change from one very diverse surface to another it'll blend it in, warn you it's coming up and then the point being you're not taking your eye off of the experience to know when the turn is coming."

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