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We have just uploaded another NBA 2K9 video. This one featuring the Bulls @ Cavs.

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# 1 DaWolf @ 09/25/08 05:32 PM
great. thx.
# 2 AI3 @ 09/25/08 05:32 PM
thanks for the vid steve
# 3 ekzpozed @ 09/25/08 05:33 PM
cool thanks
# 4 Starrtech @ 09/25/08 05:33 PM
at least something good happened in 2k world today

thanks Steve!
# 5 blingballa333 @ 09/25/08 05:35 PM
Thanks Steve, this should relive all this tension a bit.
# 6 WTF @ 09/25/08 05:37 PM
Thanks Steve. You are the higher power... and this is why.

Thanks brotha.
# 7 Gmoney2002 @ 09/25/08 05:38 PM
Wow much respect Steve. The amount of videos you've release in a week alone has been awesome. Why 2k doesn't give you guys unlimited access to builds early I dont know. More info on gameplay was unveiled from you guys than from any other site or from 2k themselves.

Thanks again...
# 8 Parasight @ 09/25/08 05:39 PM
Mmm sweet remedy. Steve is like a superhero, here to save day from mediocrity.
# 9 Bornindamecca @ 09/25/08 05:39 PM
Thanks, Steve.
# 10 DTX3 @ 09/25/08 05:40 PM
Thanks for posting the vid Steve, James j looks sweet.
# 11 thriller92 @ 09/25/08 05:42 PM
If only you were head of marketing as well Steve. Youre the man
# 12 DTX3 @ 09/25/08 05:44 PM
Oh just stop please.
# 13 saru415 @ 09/25/08 05:44 PM
thanks steve..mellows out the anticipation of the demo that never showed up
# 14 erickonasis @ 09/25/08 05:46 PM
Nice Vid...
# 15 mars blackmon @ 09/25/08 05:46 PM
well it looks as if i got my wish, they changed lebron's signature shot which is awesome. last year i felt like it was too slow and faded away too much but now it looks very much like his actual shot.

great video, props steve.
# 16 saru415 @ 09/25/08 05:48 PM
i liek the reaction james gives after the and 1. That was dope
# 17 SageInfinite @ 09/25/08 05:48 PM
Originally Posted by Parasight
Mmm sweet remedy. Steve is like a superhero, here to save day from mediocrity.
I don't know why but I heard Homer Simpson's voice when I read this. Sounds just like something he would say .
# 18 WTF @ 09/25/08 05:51 PM
They don't have Lebron's mouthpiece in... I will not purchase this game now.

I like LB's new jumper much more than last years. Really enjoyed the vid. thanks Steve.

Also, the mid-air change of shot by LB was pretty tight too.
# 19 Stumbleweed @ 09/25/08 05:51 PM
Wow, a charging foul! I almost forgot what those looked like after 2K8's mess.

Looks like the turnarounds are toned down a bit as well.. in 2K8 you could hit those over basically anyone with basically anyone... even Ben Wallace would hit a few now and then.. in 2K9 he just got STUFFED. Looks good.
# 20 SureShot @ 09/25/08 05:51 PM
Thanks a lot Steve, great work as always. Very much appreciated

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