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IGN has posted the following WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2009 updates:
  • WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2009: Career Mode Hands-on (PS3)

    "You can take any Superstar you want into this mode, but for me, Career is geared for your CAWs. When you choose your character -- you can only have one Career going at any time -- you'll start at the bottom of the ladder."
  • WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2009 Roster Shenanigans

    "Yesterday, the IGN SmackDown vs. Raw boards lit up when some investigative, eagle-eyed fans were able to visit the official WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009 Website and discover a document listing a ton of wrestlers. Many interpreted it as the official roster, which THQ hasn't detailed and IGN is announcing day by day."
  • The SmackDown Countdown: Ashley

    "Growing up in Babylon, N.Y., with a father, brother, and uncle who competed in amateur wrestling, Ashley already had the background and competitive edge needed to make it in World Wrestling Entertainment."
  • Screenshots (PS3)
  • Videos (PS3)

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Member Comments
# 1 fpac @ 09/26/08 05:04 PM
So if I read that right, there are no storylines or cutscenes in career mode, just matches over and over?
# 2 Altimus @ 09/27/08 01:25 PM
Originally Posted by fpac
So if I read that right, there are no storylines or cutscenes in career mode, just matches over and over?
Well that is only for Career mode.

There is also Road to Wrestlemania which has cut scenes and story lines but is only open to seven wrestlers.
# 3 PlayaHataSupreme @ 09/27/08 04:08 PM
If, when you start a new career mode, the game does not give you the option to import superstar points and belt assignments from your old career mode into your new mode a la Here Comes the Pain/Shut Your Mouth, that would mean you cannot play the career mode against CAWs, which would make the CAW mode next to useless, and perhaps the career mode as well.

It does suck that the Career mode seems to be the only way to earn attributes and, more importantly, abilities, is to play the Career mode, and even then you don't apply the attributes yourself but they are instead granted to you. Hopefully it will at least grant the ability to assign CAW's attributes if you reach a milestone in the game so you won't have to play 12 hours for every single CAW, which would scream unnecessary tediousness for the user.

Definitely looking like a rental at this point in the game, especially with the decision to what appears to be forcing the user to play with a baby face in the RTW mode. Should have thrown in Randy Orton and MVP; not everybody likes to play as baby faces.

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