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The Oklahoma City Thunder unveiling was about as surprising as Larry Brown getting another head coaching job (read: not at all). Whether it was the name, or the logo, or even how the squad looked in a video game -- it has all been revealed before the planned dates. However, EA Sports is taking it in stride, and has now sent over some "official" screens of the OKC Thunder in NBA Live 09. EA also answered a few OS community questions about the Thunder, which you all check out below.

OS Community: Will you guys be able to patch in the court design and the arena, or just the uniforms/logo?

EA Sports: Uniforms/logo/court (not arena).

OS: Will Steve Kerr and Marv Albert announce Oklahoma City as the Thunder or will they just call the team Oklahoma City?

EA: We recorded OKC and the Thunder with Marv.

OS: How did the process go when you folks were trying to get this information into the game? Was the NBA very helpful or was it a bit of an arduous process due to the secrecy issue?

EA: NBA was helpful, but main struggle was that the move to OKC happened very late in our production cycle.

OS: How about the Thunder organization? Did they reach out to try and make sure you folks had everything you needed, or did you just deal with the NBA when handling this process?

EA: We just dealt with the NBA.

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Member Comments
# 1 Stumbleweed @ 09/29/08 03:41 PM
I'm an idiot.
# 2 Blazix @ 09/29/08 04:41 PM
They will do for a while, but fortunately we are also going to get some things patched that will probably be more accurate
# 3 23 @ 09/29/08 04:44 PM
lol, dont be so hard on yourself Stumble

they have the Hornets colors... great choice OKC, way to be original
# 4 Shinyhubcaps @ 09/29/08 06:14 PM
They've also been revealed in real life...

# 5 bakesalee @ 09/29/08 07:20 PM
All the new team names and logos have been whack since the 1990's (Vancouver, Toronto). Toronto's jerseys have improved dramatically. They used to be sickening.
# 6 mattc033 @ 09/29/08 08:47 PM
i cant wait to get this game!!
# 7 mattc033 @ 09/29/08 08:52 PM
In nba live 09 will create player be any different then the past years?
# 8 boldenaut @ 09/30/08 04:55 AM
Those uni-s look to generic and boring. I was expecting something a little more modern and stylish. They kinda look like the Knicks uniforms or the bobcats alternate road uni-s.
# 9 jong85 @ 09/30/08 08:23 AM
man these jerseys are the WORST!! looked like a water down knicks jersey!! It looked like they rushed the uni!!
# 10 NikeSwooshJuan @ 10/01/08 12:08 PM
I'm from Oklahoma City.
Very excited for the team. Hornets first though. I already jumped on one bandwagon when they where in town and it went from bad to good, no way I could do it again. Hornets will be my favorite but the Thunder will be second. Got my season tickets and am ready for the season to start up.

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