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We have just posted some more player face screenshots from NBA Live 09.

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# 1 23bluesman @ 10/02/08 05:34 AM
Thanks Steve.

Yeah, well some of these faces are good, such as Iggy and Bosh. But overall, I think that 2k is more consistent with the life-like quality of their faces. Plus I like 2k's skin texture more. Just my opinion though.
# 2 NELL86 @ 10/02/08 07:48 AM
Lives faces look way better then 2ks when 2k is off they are all the way off
# 3 RoyalBoyle14 @ 10/02/08 07:52 AM
I just wanna know one thing, are they for real with the bench players who are sitting on the bench with no numbers on there jerseys, is that really in the game?
# 4 KidHypeTellem @ 10/02/08 07:56 AM
Do remember its not the final version, things might change by then
# 5 ausar72 @ 10/02/08 08:35 AM
Ting thing that bothers me about the Live faces are the way that the cheeks and forehead areas of the face are pronounced. It must have something to do with how they are generating these player models, because ALL of the players have this pronounced "puffiness" to varying degrees. And then it's more noticeable with the way the lighting strikes on the face. It also makes the eyes look sunken in.

Like I said it's more noticeable on some players than others, but it just bothers me. It's been like that for a while and I wish they would modify that.
# 6 KENYON06 @ 10/02/08 09:05 AM
Their Bosh looks real good, and almost all the other looks kinda bad. Something about their faces is all wrong, the way they are constructed. They all look the same.
# 7 Da-Man @ 10/02/08 09:05 AM
Originally Posted by rm217
Hi my name is Shaq and I went on the Slim Fast diet. You to can loose 100 pounds in 9 months, lol. Shaq looks like his divorce really hit him hard. Depression really does lead to weight loss.
id be depressed too if i was stuck in nba live
# 8 and1product @ 10/02/08 09:09 AM
Kevin durant looks like marcus camby. The faces are horrible compared to what we have seen compared to 2k. If it wasn't for the jerseys or just trying my best to guess, i would not know who some of those players are.

Z-bo, beno udrih, mikki moore just to name a few.
# 9 noshun @ 10/02/08 09:44 AM
Wow, Redd looks more like QTip from ATCQ, then Redd himself. And Beasley... wow. All the players have KRS-1's nose. Its looks more like celebrity look-a-like, then NBA players. Dwight looks like Martin Luther King Jr. AI2 looks like Game w/o the LA tat on his face. Bosh looks like he should be called Pookie. Moon like like Sammy Davis Jr. Pierce looks like Rod Strickland.

Brand, Nash, Jamison, Arenas, look like their counterparts but the others look bad.
# 10 XenoZograscope @ 10/02/08 10:20 AM
LMAOS @ the practice jersey. What happen with the player faces this year!? some look spot on and some are just horrible.
# 11 Pared @ 10/02/08 11:08 AM


You're killing them over at EA, Steve.

Brandon Roy is spot-on. Probably the best face out of all those. Fix the noses, fellas!
# 12 Behindshadows @ 10/02/08 11:34 AM
Originally Posted by Pared


You're killing them over at EA, Steve.

Brandon Roy is spot-on. Probably the best face out of all those. Fix the noses, fellas!
Yeah the nose is always the biggest issues, other than the sweat coming from the eyes. Which til this day, I seriously don't understand. They had Wade sweating too much but correctly in Live 06, and then it moved to 1 line from the corner of the eyes to the middle of the socket.. People sweat from the forehead and hair line...not the eyes.

But the nose issues need to be addressed for 2010 version, and those big melon heads. Kobe bald and alien shaped head was just wrong. He looked better in 06, and 07.
# 13 Pared @ 10/02/08 11:37 AM
TG you didn't quote the pictures BS. Message board etiquette 101.
# 14 RubenDouglas @ 10/02/08 12:35 PM
jerseys are on point... lol @ 2k using replicas.. are they serious with that???

faces are inconsistent as ever.. Not terribly bad but just inconsistent. C to C+ in my book. some guys look just amazingly accurate. others i cant even name.
# 15 Behindshadows @ 10/02/08 01:12 PM
Originally Posted by Pared
TG you didn't quote the pictures BS. Message board etiquette 101.
The skin textures are the best in basketball gaming. The detail is incredible, just incorrect.

The screenshots are nice none the less, the resemblances are just off by a few minor errors.

I have no problem with the graphics, they are nice. I see the talent there, but the efforts fall short by minor details.

I'll buy the game, because I do every year, and I'm sure I'd love it from a gameplay standpoint. HD Videos coming soon

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