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Earlier today Alexander Senate sat in on a conference call dealing with NBA 2K9.

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# 1 RAZRr1275 @ 10/03/08 03:36 PM
Nice stuff
# 2 desifella @ 10/03/08 04:34 PM
wait nba live 09 is going to cost $20? how?
# 3 Malex @ 10/03/08 04:42 PM
If I am not mistaken, the Dynamic DNA options are going to cost $20.
# 4 desifella @ 10/03/08 04:56 PM
Oh really? That's ridiculous, I'm a NBA 2k9 fan, so sorry if it was a stupid question/
# 5 Malex @ 10/03/08 04:57 PM
That was not a stupid question at all. I was not sure about it until I was told otherwise.
# 6 DubTrey1 @ 10/03/08 05:42 PM
Great stuff indeed.
# 7 SeaNNyT @ 10/03/08 05:59 PM
Sounds amazing. Can't wait until tuesday when it comes out. Happens to be my birthday as well.
# 8 bowdown2shadi @ 10/03/08 06:12 PM
Why is live's biggest feature $20??? WTF! Im stickin' with 2k9.
# 9 DakkoN @ 10/03/08 06:29 PM
Live's biggest feature is not $20 if you buy the game. Each game comes with a code to unlock the DNA that can only be used once. You only have to pay $20 if you buy the game used and you want to use the DNA.
# 10 KidHypeTellem @ 10/03/08 08:35 PM
The DNA Thing Is Free, A Code Will Come On The Back Of The Booklet. It's for If Something Happens Then It's Available To Purchase
# 11 thereginator28 @ 10/03/08 08:48 PM
I wonder what they mean when they said that 2K9 will be the only game with Retro unis this year.
# 12 NEW_ORLEANS @ 10/03/08 08:52 PM
Retro not alts meaning throwbacks.
# 13 Steve_OS @ 10/03/08 09:48 PM
Thanks Alex.
# 14 HELLisFUN @ 10/03/08 10:10 PM
Erick: "I can't stop players from playing like a bunch of 5 year olds in 5 on 5 games online." "What we did was give players grades based on team play, forcing player to be better teammates. If you have a bad grade, people may not choose to play with you."

LOLOLOL That was a funny but true comment
# 15 Bornindamecca @ 10/04/08 12:34 AM
Good stuff. Nice job, guys.
# 16 Tha_Kid @ 10/04/08 01:53 AM
Good to hear about the retro unis.
# 17 A.QUINN @ 10/04/08 05:20 PM
yeah NBA 2K has different game play version every year just like they had said just play NBA 2K7,2K8 and 2K9 and you will see the different
# 18 Siguy @ 10/04/08 10:07 PM
Favorite random detail from this live blog:
"Vastly improved manual."

It's a small thing, but the last few years the manual hasn't just been skimpy, it's been inaccurate, sometimes with the wrong controls or really confusing descriptions of new features (or even features that didn't make the cut in the final version of the game).

Really glad they took the time this year for both new offline AND online manuals. A good sign of polish.
# 19 texbuk84 @ 10/05/08 01:42 AM
great job 2k. this is why i bought and will continue to buy stock in your company because one day people will see that quality really does matter.

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