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IGN and PALGN has posted the following WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2009 updates:
  • IGN: The SmackDown Countdown: Carlito (PS3)

    "Exceptionally opinionated and full of himself, the second-generation Superstar (who is the son of the legendary Carlos Colon) projects quite the smooth demeanor. Armed with an apple in hand, Carlito isn't afraid to unload a mouthful of apple and spit it into your face if you're not cool enough in his eyes."
  • IGN: WWE SVR 2009: Roster Editor & Team Management (PS3)

    "Yes, via the Roster Editor, fans can pop into the game's roster and switch Superstars to whatever brand they like (Raw, SmackDown, ECW, Free Agent, Legend, or a special classification that's only available after being unlocked), swap titles, decide who is clean and who is dirty, as well as view stats and Abilities."
  • PALGN: WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2009 Preview (360)

    "The inferno match was the other new feature that we were eager to try, considering it's the main new addition to the already massive list of match modes available. The ring is surrounded in flames, with the goal being to set your opponent on fire. The 'temperature' is shown in the corner of the screen, and with every move that's done in the ring, the temperature rises until it's 500 degrees, and that creates the opportunity to try to drag your foes towards the fire via a competitive mini game."
  • IGN: Videos (PS3)
  • IGN: Screenshots (PS3)

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# 1 CM Hooe @ 10/10/08 09:00 PM
The roster editor is a good idea, but they need to let us go one step further and edit superstar ratings for exhibition play, and perhaps even design alternate attires via the game's Create A Superstar mode.

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