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Great News:
1.) We have officially moved our ship date in to Nov. 17th. We had hoped all along to get the game out before Thanksgiving, and at a date more in line with the start of the season, but were hesitant to lock it down before we were 100% sure it could be done. We’ve done it, and are happy to let you guys know first. We’ll be spreading the word to retailers and gaming press shortly.
2.) As you can seen, much of your feedback from the community day has been met. We want this to be an ongoing process with not just the community leaders, but all of you, as we work to make this franchise the best it can be.
3.) Our marketing campaign is set to kick into full gear later this week with the launch of our website, and soon a all-new promotion letting you the fan vote for the official “Toughest Place to Play in America” award, to be given out on yearly basis, starting this year.

Not so great news:
1.) Giving the timing of when we received the data, we were not able to get “real schedules” into the finished product. We know this is not what we promised during the community day, and we are sorry we let you guys down on that one. However, we know how important it is to have these schedules in the game, so we will be providing the real schedules as a free update shortly after launch. Given our accelerated ship date, we can’t guarantee it will be there week 1, but we’ll push to get it up asap.

We want to make this the best College Basketball game possible, and we can’t do it without you guys. Keep pushing us to do our best, the feedback is more than welcome. And stay tuned – we’ve got lots of updates and content to come over the next several weeks leading to launch including a great demo for both PS3 and XBOX 360; probably the deepest demo we’ve ever created for basketball. Look for it the week before launch, we think you are going to like it.

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Member Comments
# 1 ehh @ 10/22/08 01:11 PM
The release date bump is awesome, I'll have to reserve my copy when I pick up 2K9 on the PC this week.

Real schedules aren't the end of the world to me, esp since they only matter for the first season of a legacy. If we get them a few weeks in through an update it's basically a non-issue. Can you at least edit your own schedule before the season or are you stuck with a CPU generated one?
# 2 ldpart67 @ 10/22/08 03:22 PM
Gotta say I am looking forward to this one as well. I for one am ok with them patching the real schedule thing after the fact. Since they are moving up the release date, we'll get the patch close to the original launch date anyhow. I never start a dynasty on day one anyway... No harm; no foul ! (and no pun intended)
# 3 ehh @ 10/22/08 03:25 PM
Indeed, especially since we need time to do the rosters and create sliders.
# 4 racerx @ 10/22/08 03:51 PM
I am happy that you guys have acknowledged about the schedules and will have a update for it at some point.
# 5 Rasco11 @ 10/22/08 05:10 PM
Will ability to use named rosters online make the cut? Pretty please!!!!!
# 6 Heelfan71 @ 10/22/08 06:05 PM
Great news.
# 7 Ty @ 10/22/08 06:27 PM
This is good! Glad they will update to the real schedules. Looking forward to it!
# 8 03MstGT290 @ 10/22/08 06:52 PM
I just pre-ordered the game from EBGames
# 9 LincSink @ 10/22/08 07:39 PM
As someone who has never played any of the EA college basketball offerings, I am excited to try this game. It doesn't look like this board has been too active (Yet), but I appreciate the personalized effort to give us information. Being up front about the schedules and keeping us up to date with the producer blogs and such are a great idea.

I can't wait for the website and demo to come out, keep up the hard work and thanks for the updates (and keep 'em coming )
# 10 baseball88 @ 10/22/08 08:41 PM
That's good. That will give us roster gurus to put the names in for the players.
# 11 jfsolo @ 10/22/08 10:47 PM
Well, I'm never going to cry about getting a college basketball game early, but that obviously means that there was less extra tuning time after the release of Live, so we're see how it goes.
# 12 ehh @ 10/22/08 11:15 PM
I too am a little weary but EA did say that it was tweaked and improved (in their opinion) over Live. Since it's the first year of the new engine I'm sure there will be some ugly moments and growing pains but as long as EA continues to listen to us and make improvements year in and year out I will be as happy as can be.

Nov 18th baby!
# 13 blLLD0 @ 10/23/08 07:23 AM
Originally Posted by stephensonmc

Great News:
1.) We have officially moved our ship date in to Nov. 17th. ....
Erin Andrews 3 weeks earlier!?!?! sweet.....
# 14 TheTodd84 @ 10/23/08 03:17 PM
Ahh... EA actually forked over the cake for a brand-new engine on a game. Let's hope this works out. Now only one question... Why can't they make a brand-new engine for Madden and NCAA?

But either way, this game should be sweet. I can't wait to struggle to win more than 11 games with my Michigan Wolverines. lol. God Bless "Create-a-player" lol.
# 15 GSW @ 10/23/08 04:50 PM
what are the features of this game and how does it differ from college hoops 2k8
# 16 Tomba @ 10/23/08 06:23 PM
Originally Posted by GSW
what are the features of this game and how does it differ from college hoops 2k8
I was at the community day event GSW

Check out my game recap

# 17 Ninjoid @ 10/25/08 12:15 PM
Does this release move include the PS3? Most retailers still have the PS3 version as December 2nd with the 360 etc at the Nov 17th one.
# 18 yoyoma @ 10/25/08 03:06 PM
Originally Posted by Ninjoid
Does this release move include the PS3? Most retailers still have the PS3 version as December 2nd with the 360 etc at the Nov 17th one.
that would suck. for what its worth gamefly says nov. 19

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