NCAA March Madness 09 News Post

Teamxbox has posted an interview with Connor Dougan, NCAA Basketball 09, Gameplay Producer.

Teamxbox: "There’s a greater emphasis on play calling in the college game. What tools will be available for users to run the offense in NCAA Basketball 09?"

Connor: "NBA Live’s signature play calling system has been adopted and expanded upon for NCAA Basketball 09. The college game has more structure when it comes to offensive plays and there is a greater focus on 5 man offense as opposed to two-man offense (as we see in the pro’s). We added to the number of plays available and expanded the number of plays which can be called/executed during game play... There are 8 offensive play slots which the user can customize anyway he/she likes. There are offensive plays which are ideal for attacking man to man defenses, zone defenses, and when your team needs a three point shot. Depending on your teams strengths, there are also a selection of plays which focus on getting a dominant post player the ball or a skilled perimeter player the ball. With over 150 offensive sets to choose from, there are definitely some plays which allow your team to run good offense when the time calls for it. In addition to the offensive sets we have 4 quick plays: Isolation, post up, get open and off ball screen – great options if you need a quick hitter."

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# 1 DubTrey1 @ 10/28/08 10:31 PM
Hopefully, all of these strides will translate into a solid foundation in gameplay. Live 09 is close, but not quite there IMO. I am really hoping the extra dev time for this title will blow us away -
# 2 hustle55 @ 10/29/08 09:16 AM
I really like what I'm hearing, hopefully the game will be really good.
# 3 ehh @ 10/29/08 03:08 PM
Man I can't wait to see how well the tempos are implemented into the gameplay. This feature sounds like it could be very good.
# 4 Sean Q @ 10/29/08 06:35 PM
Since I have not played EA college basketball for years now because of 2k, do they have a selection show?

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