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The official NHL 09 blog has posted a patch update for NHL 09.

"We are in the process of putting the patches up for both the X360 and the PS3. PS3 Europe has already gone up, and PS3 North America and both X360 patches should be up within the next week or two.

First and foremost we have fixed the "dirty disc" message issue that some people are seeing on the X360.

For the PS3, we have fixed the issue where there are sometimes white flashes or flickers during gameplay. So, if you have seen one of the above, you will be happy to know they are fixed with the patch.

For most people though...the important fixes are in gameplay.
We have listened to all of you, and we have played the game ourselves every day. While we couldn't make every fix that you asked for because of time constraints, we did fix most of the big issues, and also improved gameplay to be more authentic."

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# 1 mercalnd @ 10/29/08 01:46 PM
Originally Posted by Steven547
* Increase AI team aggressiveness and the likelihood of them getting called for a penalty on an infraction.
This should definitely help get more penalties, considering Superstar level already had aggressive AI and was the only level that generated penalties at a reasonable (if not quite totally realistic) rate.

I'm glad to see the flickering should be gone too and that own goal cutscene, while not a huge issue did significantly hurt the immersion when it happened.
# 2 Taku @ 10/29/08 01:49 PM
Wow, great news.
# 3 Tikerz @ 10/29/08 01:52 PM
Great list of fixes. Can't wait.
# 4 Steven547 @ 10/29/08 01:59 PM
I'm definitely excited about this. Like I said, if we have to wait a week or two to get better gameplay, I'm good with that.
# 5 catcatch22 @ 10/29/08 02:09 PM
Originally Posted by Steven547

* Checking has been tuned so you will see less big hits from guys
that aren't traditionally known for hitting
* Less CPU AI one-timers
* We have fixed the goals from outside shots that people are
scoring. We have reduced shot accuracy when on the rush and when turning
quickly, and from far out. You will now have to be more conservative
when shooting on the rush. If you aim all the way to the left or right,
your shot will go wide a lot more. Try aiming more towards the middle to
hit the net from outside. This fixes the cross goal where you shoot back
the other way, and the goal that goes in with the "curve" animation, and
a few others. There's a reason NHL players don't shoot from outside on
the rush very often. Dumping or trying to set up is a better play unless
you have an odd-man situation.
* When line changes are set to auto, and a user changes
lines/defense manually between whistles, the line/defensive pair you asked for will come out (or stay out).

* When using a defenseman in BAP, BAP player won't get stuck on the bench and will be able to call for change
* The proper own-goal cut scene will be shown where the player who
scored on himself is upset.
* All cut scenes should now show players sitting in their
respective team's bench.
* Increase AI team aggressiveness and the likelihood of them
getting called for a penalty on an infraction.
* If Vision Control is pressed, you do not throw a hit when in
front of the attacking net. This helps with rebound shots.
* Increase the likelihood of a penalty if the stick hits the body
during a stick lift.
* Reduce the accuracy of shots for penalty shots and shootouts.
Aiming for just inside the post is a lot tougher now

Along with these changes we are still working on the server side of
things to make sure that the EASHL and online play is always improving.
Keep checking our website for more information on the EASHL play-offs.

-David Littman
Those are all much needed upgrades.
# 6 [Icy] @ 10/29/08 02:20 PM
Awesome news, specially the fixes to the cheesers goals online.
# 7 bukktown @ 10/29/08 02:29 PM
There are some pretty big gameplay tweaks in this patch. I am amazed by that. Thank you very much!
# 8 Matt Diesel @ 10/29/08 02:29 PM
The crosscheck thing in front of the net is huge!
# 9 Qb @ 10/29/08 02:41 PM
WOW. If all this stuff works as intended, that's all I can say. WOW...

Oh and they used my idea (although I'm sure I'm not the only guy in the world who thought of it):

* If Vision Control is pressed, you do not throw a hit when in
front of the attacking net. This helps with rebound shots.
# 10 mudtiger @ 10/29/08 02:48 PM
My thoughts exactly.

WOW. I think those changes are probably big enough that I'll start my franchise over and probably have to mess with sliders.

Now the waiting game begins.
# 11 mkharsh33 @ 10/29/08 02:58 PM
they need to get the faceoffs in the offensive zone for all penalties...they did NOT add this new rule for '09. was disappointed this wasn't added.
# 12 kt-od @ 10/29/08 03:00 PM
Man, I'm excited about this patch. I can't wait.

I am really happy they're taking care of the problem with cheese goals online.

EDIT: Kind of wondering why they didn't fix the 'fighting and hooking' button being the same one.

I guess adding custom controls would have fixed it.

I'm assuming this will be the only patch. Last year they only gave 1. I know Madden had 2, but I doubt NHL will have 2.
# 13 tyler289 @ 10/29/08 04:07 PM
Wow, awesome list. Fixed just about every beef I have with the game.
# 14 i c u cant stop me @ 10/29/08 04:20 PM
Man iam already in love with this game expecially the 5 on 5 online and now we have this awsome patch comming. I dont know if you guys are going to agree with me our not but iam say it right now..this is the best sports title easports has EVER come out with.
# 15 game20ver @ 10/29/08 05:05 PM
I am also very excited about this patch, I have played nearly every EA sports title since the sega genesis and I agree this is the best sports game I have ever played. I'm not even a big hockey fan. The EASHL is an unmatched gameplay experience and is a MUST in the future of online sports games. I get nba2k every year, but I'm having so much fun with this game it's a waste of money to get 2k. I'm going to have trouble going back to playing a traditional franchise mode after this. Running a franchise then posting your progress is point less after the release of this game cause with this game we're all in the franchise together.
# 16 [Icy] @ 10/29/08 05:06 PM
Patch is out in North America too now.
# 17 bad_philanthropy @ 10/29/08 06:14 PM
That a pretty unexpected but huge list of improvement. What's best about it is the fact that it demonstrates where the developers' head is at when it comes to the game. I am disappointed that there is no apparent mention of fixing the line change problem (unless I misunderstood that auto line change stuff). I'm also really pleased to see QB's control suggestion for chipping away at loose pucks make it into the game.
# 18 Steven547 @ 10/29/08 06:15 PM
Originally Posted by [Icy]
Patch is out in North America too now.
Not here in California yet. And I don't think this is the "big" patch..this might be the "politcal" patch...?
# 19 pf8363 @ 10/29/08 07:11 PM
ill believe this when i see it...... let me see it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
# 20 Papa Burgundy @ 10/29/08 09:39 PM
So if we have have started a franchise already, this patch won't have any affect on it, right? argh

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