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Running the option in NCAA Football 09 requires you to unlearn a lot of what you know about running the option in NCAA and re-condition your game to be usable in the new edition. Wil McCombs checks in today with a look at how to perfect your option attack after he had some failings of his own.

"The option has always been a friend of mine. It is the most dynamic, potentially game-changing play in all of football. A well-timed pitch can mean six points; an ill-timed flick of the wrist can mean six the other way. I have always been enamored with the option play, which is probably a reason why I enjoy the collegiate brand of football more than the NFL brand, and thus, my inclination to pick NCAA over Madden."

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# 1 Jive_Turkey @ 11/05/08 04:19 AM
I say abuse the option, opens up the pass if they fear it every play, also if they are in man or zone you run it differently, the rest of his stuff is worthless just let it dictate the game for ur opponents D.
# 2 vtech11 @ 11/28/08 04:11 PM
Don't forget about the fake pitch. When a defender is zeroing in on the QB, throw a fake pitch in every now and then to make him pursue the pitchman.
# 3 CObra-la @ 11/29/08 11:40 AM
this article is cool and all, but what aboout defending the option now thats the article I want to read

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