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This week on the Waiver Wire Wil and Chase discuss the latest sports gaming news. On the show they talk about the NBA Street and NBA Ballers series being canned by EA and Midway. Also the duo chat about NCAA Basketball 2009, Tiger Woods DLC, music games surpassing sports games in popularity, and an EA lawsuit ... Oh and Gears of War? Send all questions/comments/concerns/complaints/compliments etc. to [email protected] so we can talk about them on future shows.

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Member Comments
# 1 JohnDoe8865 @ 10/29/08 03:05 PM
On iTunes, the latest show is till listed as 10/14/08.
# 2 bronco92 @ 10/29/08 05:21 PM
I care!
# 3 Jay Bishop @ 10/30/08 04:52 AM
Chase, you are cool but LOSE that other guy. He doesn't know **** about sports games. At least he admits it but how does that help the listener. If I wanna hear about Gears, I would listen to 1up or Giant Bombcast not a Sports gaming show. I really want this show to be good because 1ups sports game show sucks balls and "From the bleachers" is good but they don't devote enough of the show to games. Anyway that's my opinon.
# 4 ChaseB @ 10/30/08 12:03 PM
Wil taking heat from the users! We'll see where it takes us. I like Wil, he gels nicely with me, just give the man some time. Wil won't be around this week coming up so trying to set up a special guest co-host. I'm still toying with the back-end of news so maybe we drop the random gaming topic and replace it with something else with time. I just thought since it's a gaming-related podcast and most listeners play more than just sports games it would be something to try. It's the listener's show though, hence why I want those comments/questions/etc. at that e-mail addy.
# 5 FredoXV @ 10/30/08 07:50 PM
Taking some serious heat! I can't be liked by everyone, unfortunately. Although I do like to think that I know at least a thing or two about sports games. Thanks for the vote of confidence Chase, it's nice to feel loved.

Perhaps if I began my podcast "career" during the height of Madden and NCAA Football hype, I would be getting slightly better reviews. Unfortunately, as I will gladly admit, basketball games are not my forte, and we are at the pinnacle of the hoops-game hype. Thus my contributions have been more anecdotal. If Jay and the other kind folks will tolerate me for a bit longer, I promise I shan't disappoint.
# 6 boomhauertjs @ 10/31/08 07:19 AM
Haven't listened to the podcast yet, but I'll throw my 2 cents in on the music v. sports game debate. Sports games have become relatively stagnant while the music games (especially the full band games) are the "new thing", plus they appeal to a broader audience.

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