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Pasta Padre has the scoop.

"The full Top 20 in sales for October has been released by NPD. NBA 2K9 placed at #9 with the 360 version selling 202,000 copies while the PS3 version came in at #17. Not even the 360 version of NBA Live 09 was able to reach the Top 20.

This is a huge increase year over year for the NBA 2K series. 2K8 didnít make the Top 10 last year meaning it sold less than 117,000 copies on the 360. While many sports titles havenít seemed to grow much with increased user base clearly this isnít the case here. 2K9 has practically doubled 2K8ís first month results."

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# 1 jfsolo @ 11/15/08 11:14 AM
I'm very surprised by this. I always thought that the brand recognition and strong marketing would always keep Live close, or even have it ahead of 2K in sales.

In a year where many(at least here at OS) feel as if Live has closed the gap considerably, or even surpassed 2K, for 2K's sales to be so much stronger is quite interesting.

Hopefully it will allow 2K to continue to focus on core gameplay issues, and not get caught up in a features/modes dual with EA.

As for Live, I know EA execs always mandate some high profile new feature that can be heavily marketed, but I hope the overwhelming majority of their time is spent adding/fixing animations and tuning A.I.
# 2 cjallure24 @ 11/15/08 11:58 AM
I am suprised as will,but happy to see 2K get the credit they deserve.They put out a very good product and did wht I think was a very good job of promoting it.From having KG on the cover to running a bunch of adds,I seen so many NBA 2K commericals then NBA Live.And not to mention the product is very solid....Congats 2K Sports
# 3 edubbs @ 11/15/08 12:04 PM
Congrats to the 2k team!

Rob, Simballer, etc....It's about time you guys efforts are FINALLY being appreciated by the masses.

Now, let's put the icing on the cake with a great patch!
# 4 bowdown2shadi @ 11/15/08 12:06 PM
Nice to see 2k dominating like they should be. Maybe people tried live on next gen and just got sick and tired of Live's horrible 06, 07, 08 games, they were just unplayable imho. But live did step it up this year, next year should be very very close in sales.
# 5 JohnDoe8865 @ 11/15/08 12:24 PM
This is great news for basketball video game fans. It practically ensures that there will be a NBA 2k10 and thus keeps the pressure on NBA Live to continue to step up it's game.

So whether you are a 2k guy or a Live guy, this is really good news.
# 6 Fiasco West @ 11/15/08 12:45 PM
This has been growing over time.

The thing is...Live put out crappy games for about 3 years now (this year Live made a good game) and on the flip side...2k7 and 2k8 were both great games. Word of mouth travels, especially when guys were buying Live...not enjoying it...and look for another NBA title and there is only one other option.

I have 4 friends that used to be die-hard Live guys who have bought 2k9 and not Live. I'm just guessing 2k7 and 2k8 being great games and Live being horrible for those two seasons probably had a lot to do with this. I'm guessing if Live had put out decent games in 07 and 08 they would still have the momentum. I think over the past 3 years, 2k6,2k7, and ultimately 2k8, the word got out that it was much better. Because the advertising isn't nearly as alarge as live...I mean we already get these 3 minute DNA commercials with that stupid song the first two weeks of NBA on TNT, 2k9 was nowhere to be found. I don't remember seeing any 2k9 commercials opening week during games.
# 7 statum71 @ 11/15/08 02:20 PM
In response to jfsolo:

I disagree 1000% that Live has closed the gap. And surpassing is not even a conversation.
# 8 RAZRr1275 @ 11/15/08 02:24 PM
This is really surprising. I'm happy to see this.
# 9 whizer17 @ 11/15/08 03:40 PM
This is great news for 2k. Congrats to you guys. Just give us a damn update on the patch now so we can begin our associations.
# 10 Rawdeal28 @ 11/15/08 03:46 PM
happy to see this because 2k9 is the best basketball game to date.

live just isnt very good anymore and it still needs alot of work.
word of mouth is getting around because i tell everyone within earshot...........................

GET NBA 2K9.........NOW!!!

# 11 madmax17 @ 11/15/08 03:46 PM
jsfolo I don't think you give the people enough credit, not everyone is stupid enough to buy the game because they saw a commercial or fell for a propaganda trick, people want the better basketball game and that's 2k by a mile. Well some don't, those that bought Live obviusly :P
# 12 Rawdeal28 @ 11/15/08 03:51 PM
Originally Posted by madmax17
jsfolo I don't think you give the people enough credit, not everyone is stupid enough to buy the game because they saw a commercial or fell for a propaganda trick, people want the better basketball game and that's 2k by a mile. Well some don't, those that bought Live obviusly :P
he has a point because if someone who knows nothing about either saw all the commercials about live, they would think live is the better game and might pick that up.

especially them 2 minute commercials they had going during the games on TNT. they were on like every half hour. even after looking at myself i was like " damn! if i didnt know any better i would pick up Live right now!"

good thing i know better
# 13 LingeringRegime @ 11/15/08 03:51 PM
Vindication --
# 14 Mrcabone @ 11/15/08 04:08 PM
Originally Posted by stewaat
Congrats 2K folks.

Now please get the proper servers to handle the large number of people trying to play on XBL!
Please improve the servers 2K,5 on 5 i2 incredibly fun when there's no lag.
# 15 WaddupCouzin @ 11/15/08 08:09 PM
Years of hardwork paying off. Watch EA try to buy the NBA license now!
# 16 jewelz1132 @ 11/15/08 08:19 PM
hm if EA did buy the NBA License..I really wouldnt be as upset as I was with NFL2K..but I'm glad that the better game has the sales to match..I wish it was that way with music now days
# 17 sportyguyfl31 @ 11/16/08 07:22 AM
I bought Live this year and am happy with it. I passed on 2k for the 1st time since I saw Live going down the toilet after 04.

Competition is a wonderful thing. IT creates quality products, and happy consumers.

There wasnt a bad choice of hoops games this year, and I simply chose the one I liked better. That's all that really matters.
# 18 demencia_total @ 11/16/08 07:51 AM
Originally Posted by Court_vision
Excellent news for basketball gaming fans.

I think they marketed the game much better this season.

Example: here in OZ, they normally have the game out months late and, even then, one or two copies on the shelf somewhere way out back.

This year...they had the game out the same day as the USA...and the shelves were packed with the game / posters up / game located right in the middle of the display area.
Indeed, I was pleasantly surprised to casually walk into a JB Hi Fi on the 9th and finding the game right there, with plenty of boxes on display and a poster. They had it advertised for the 10th, and I was considering importing because of their previous history as you noted, so it was pretty awesome.

On topic: this is great news, but not totally unexpected since the shift in sales had started since 2k7 if I'm not mistaking. However, it is a surprise to see the game in the top sale charts considering all the awesome games coming out in these months, so congrats. I am enjoying 2k9 more than any other basketball game before, so I hope they continue to set the bar high in the future. Although the online stuff is inexcusable, they really need to sort these issues out pronto.
# 19 23bluesman @ 11/16/08 10:18 AM
I haven't bought 2k this year yet, don't know if I will because I'm pretty happy with Live, but congrats to 2k Sports!

First played the game on the Dreamcast (2k1, 2k2? can't remember), and I felt that it was something special. It's nice to see them rise from that point on and eventually overtake the competition in terms of sales. As a Business Management/Economics major, I can truly appreciate that.
# 20 Mezy 456 @ 11/16/08 01:21 PM
A year has never gone by without me buying NBA 2K.... 10 years strong baby....

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