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Game Politics has the details. Quite an interesting read.

"Here at GamePolitics I've been complaining (some might say whining) since 2005 that EA's exclusive arrangement with the NFL is, at best, a bad deal for gamers.

At worst, it's a monopoly.

Ultimately, the Federal Trade Commission, looked at the Madden issue in relation to EA's merger dance with Take-Two Interactive. But, inasmuch as the FTC pre-approved the EA-T2 deal, its regulators apparently came down against the monopoly view.

But that was before secret e-mails from officials of the NFL Players Association were made public in September during a bitter court fight between retired players and the NFLPA. As GamePolitics reported last week, the retirees were ultimately awarded $28 million by a U.S. District Court jury in San Francisco. Three-quarters of that amount was levied as punitive damages. The NFLPA says that it will appeal."

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# 1 yamabushi @ 11/18/08 12:23 PM
# 2 MMChrisS @ 11/18/08 12:34 PM
Interesting news indeed........
# 3 CMH @ 11/18/08 02:00 PM
Not sure what to think of this news.
# 4 edaddy @ 11/18/08 03:49 PM
I think EA saw that 2k was ready to bring it with All-Pro 2k9 and through underhanded shady dealings were able to put a halt to it...Wouldn't suprise me if this is how they got the NFL license in the first place...I am not a 2k or EA fan just a fan of good football gaming..and if anyone can honestly say that EA hassignificantly improved their football games since exclusitivity then you honestly aren't being realistic or objective..The games have gotten progressively stagnant and show minimal to no improvement from year to year..The only thing that brings out the best in anyone or anything is competition..something EA doesn't have....
# 5 Pappy Knuckles @ 11/18/08 03:52 PM
I won't be happy until 2K can make an NFL game again.
# 6 Cusefan @ 11/19/08 12:30 PM
The fact the NFL wanted a Exclusive video game pretty much sealed the deal for 2K. 2k sports does not have the deep pockets like Madden has, EA would not let 2K take away their biggest money maker.

Don't blame EA for getting the NFL license, the NFL is the one who wanted only one game. The Fact that it was not a fair deal for 2K is moot, They would have never of been able to outbid EA.

And if people want to call it a Monopoly, then you might as well call out Direct TV and Reebok. The NFL wants exclusivity on its licenses, i would hardly call that a monopoly.
# 7 ChaseB @ 11/19/08 06:01 PM
As always, Bill Harris cracks me up. Stay classy NFLPA:

# 8 Spectre @ 11/19/08 09:42 PM
This Clay Walker guy sounds real classy

EA and the NFLPA, a match made in heaven
# 9 DrJones @ 11/19/08 10:39 PM
Originally Posted by GTheorenHobbes
Down to $17.11 today. With this kind've news, hopefully the plummet continues and EA is forced to get rid of the jerk-offs who have run the company these past few years.
That's not how it works. It's the jerk-offs who decide who stays and who goes.
# 10 hail2thevictors @ 12/04/08 01:59 PM
Everything with the NFL has to be exclusive all of a sudden which IMO, hurts the brand because everyone who luvs football, might not like who they choose to do business with, from a consumer POV. I mean Reebok? DirecTV? I hate both of them! Nike and Comcast forever! LOL No but foreal, consumers will turn on them if in the future, you can only watch NFL games that are televised on network(s) that can only be viewed on a certain cable or sattelite provider. LOL
# 11 Cusefan @ 12/04/08 04:45 PM
I agree, I hate he Exclusivity of the NFL Brand. It sucks Because we as consumers just end up paying more money.

But what can ya do?
# 12 kubankaos @ 12/05/08 06:01 PM
Not pay for the offending product? If the consumers all at the same time decided to not spend the money, I have a feeling that would send a pretty big message.

Of course getting everybody to do the same thing at the same time hasn't been done since "Hands Across America"

I haven't bought Madden since 04, but of course my little stand is nothing to EA. But I will continue. Wait..sorry I lied. I just recently bought Madden 07 for the PC for 5 or so bucks. Does that count?
# 13 FedEx227 @ 12/08/08 10:16 AM
I haven't bought a single Madden since 2006, so I guess I'm doing my part
# 14 dannydufflebags @ 12/08/08 11:55 AM
need to post to get over 5, have to post a very important link to madden folk. sorry.
# 15 BlackNGold @ 12/16/08 03:13 PM
Originally Posted by rm217
Or a football game period. On an interesting side note, as of today EA's stock has plummeted from $60.35 exactly a year ago to closing at $18.45 today. I wonder and be willing to bet that this news and EA's bad business practices has something to do with the stock plummet. Justice will be served guys, don't you worry!!!
I think their stock plummet has more to do with the fact that we are in a recession and financial crisis in the US. Everyone's stock plummeted.
# 16 jferg @ 12/30/08 05:18 PM
MORE OF A DROP then the new years ball in new york city!
# 17 jurzaxp @ 12/30/08 08:03 PM
that so news ! i like it
# 18 hbk_wess @ 01/28/09 12:53 PM
Too bad EA's stock didn't run them out of business. Im tired of the stranglehold they have on not only the NFL series, but the NCAA and NASCAR games as well. Only good thing is the NCAA games are ok. I just get tired of the unbelievable catches all the time. And the NASCAR games suck anyways. Not only do the controls suck for a gamepad with analog sticks but to me NASCAR Racing 2003 Season for the PC still kicks EA's *** on the NASCAR games and they been out of business for 6 years.
# 19 GreenGlen @ 02/05/09 11:38 AM
Originally Posted by dopeboy206
Didn't they extend their Madden contract?
The madden contract is extended through 2013. However it appears that they have not extended the contracts for NCAA football. So unless I am mistaken that contract should be expiring after the 2010 release of NCAA football.
# 20 videlsports @ 02/07/09 12:40 AM
Originally Posted by GreenGlen
The madden contract is extended through 2013. However it appears that they have not extended the contracts for NCAA football. So unless I am mistaken that contract should be expiring after the 2010 release of NCAA football.
I was tellin everyone that, they can make exclusive NcAA football for one more year, 2k can make a better football game. They can make college until the NFL Expires, bUILD MOMENTUM from College football, with presentation and better graphics and gameplay.

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