UFC 2009 Undisputed News Post

IGN has posted their roster announcement of UFC 2009 Undisputed.

"Florian got his first UFC title shot when he faced Sean Sherk for the vacant UFC Lightweight Championship at UFC 64: Unstoppable in October of 2006. The fight went the full five rounds, ending with Sherk claiming a unanimous decision and the belt. Since that fight, Florian has ripped off a six-fight win streak and repositioned himself atop the list of Lightweight contenders."

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# 1 DTX3 @ 11/18/08 10:13 PM
Those are some pretty damn good graphics.
# 2 ronnyballgame @ 11/19/08 08:47 AM
Dude, I am not usually into fighting games, but I love the MMA world, and the UFC, so this is a first day purchase for sure, and I cannot wait til this game comes out. They put a lot of time into this game, and I know it is going to deliever!
# 3 Pappy Knuckles @ 11/19/08 08:54 AM
add me to the list of people who will be using Ken Flo a lot. Can't wait for this game.
# 4 allBthere @ 11/19/08 09:50 AM
florian doesn't look as good as the other guys i've seen so far...something is off about him, and doesn't he have chest hair? I hope I create myself and put chest hair, not everyone waxes their chest lol.
Most games you can put tatoos everywhere but you have zero body hair by default, it would make creations more unique to add the option - imagine making a fat dude w/ a hairy back! lol you'd need options like this to create the tank abbot's of the world
# 5 Titus001 @ 11/19/08 01:37 PM
Can't wait for this game. About damn time we have a new mma game. I hope they have roster updates like in madden. Say if Brock keeps winning fights and he has a rating of 87 it could be made higher via an update. This is for any fighter that keeps winning. Online play should be some goodtimes.

I wonder if they will have a feature like iron chin for someone who can take a ton of punishment but is very hard to tko or ko like Nog. I would also like to watch the ai fight eachother with two fighters I want to see fight.
# 6 DTX3 @ 11/19/08 02:09 PM
Originally Posted by Timmay
I kind of hope they don't have some rating like that.

What I'd like to see is strengths and weaknesses instead - kind of like APF 2k8.

Each strength having "belts" or levels. And weaknesses also having levels.
That would be awesome. Screw Florian, I'll be using Roger Huerta all day.
# 7 Titus001 @ 11/19/08 02:14 PM
Here is a video Of Dana White playing the game. The video shows Brock vs Nog. 3 mins into the video or so.

# 8 DTX3 @ 11/19/08 02:17 PM
Originally Posted by Timmay
Roger's a great fighter - but I was for Florian to beat his ***. I'd root for Roger over anyone else, though; I like him a lot.

That was the only UFC I've ever ordered; and my wife watched with me. She instantly fell in love with Roger and was cheering for him.
I'm a huge Huerta fan. But dude got his *** kicked by K-Flo. Reason why i hate him. Roger will be back though.
# 9 slip3rman @ 11/19/08 03:06 PM
Originally Posted by Timmay
I hope Dana was playing against someone off camera and that that's why the two fighters just stood face to face throwing punches and elbows. If it was against the AI - I would have liked to see it actually go into a clinch and try to a take down, or at least try to immobilize his punches and work towards the fence or something.
I think he was cause Dana called him a cheater after he got off the phone.
# 10 DTX3 @ 11/19/08 03:10 PM
Yeah, it was against someone off camera.

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