MLB Front Office Manager News Post

Gamespot has posted their first look preview of MLB Front Office Manager.

"Your employment as GM begins with the typical character creation features. In addition to aesthetics, though, FOM allows you to assign points to various disciplines such as scouting and player negotiation, and even allows you to select from a number of backgrounds such as a lawyer, former player, or talent scout. Combined, your disciplines and background will affect the facets of a GM's profession in which you'll excel. As you continue your career, success as a GM will earn you points to further increase your disciplines."

Game: MLB Front Office ManagerReader Score: 4.5/10 - Vote Now
Platform: PC / PS3 / Xbox 360Votes for game: 9 - View All
Member Comments
# 1 vernond @ 11/20/08 09:43 PM
This is going to be awesome
# 2 Bruin26 @ 11/24/08 04:14 AM
I agree, this sounds great. Great to see the depth of every level of the minors as well.
# 3 The GIGGAS @ 11/24/08 11:24 AM
I'm still cautiously optimistic.
# 4 Hooper15 @ 11/25/08 10:57 AM
This game looks like it has loads of potential. I only question it's ability to move from the realm of a rent to a buy. The aspect of putting points into attributes reminds me of the College Hoops 2K career mode. I have always been a fan of that, so it's a big positive for me!

Excited to see more news come out as we get closer to release!
# 5 Knight165 @ 11/29/08 01:17 PM
Originally Posted by JonahFalcon
It'll be different. Better is subjective.

Baseball is easier to sim results out of than any sport due to its sequentiality. The real challenge is in the stats engine, the realistic usage of players (especially, say, relievers and bench players), and trade AI.

I'm hoping for an OOTP9 with bells and whistles, with a less arcane interface.
I'm with you.
I love OOTP....but it lacks just a little something w/o even meager graphics.
I'm a manage only mode nut...so this type of game(the overall "not playing the game...but making moves") really appeals to me.
I'm hoping this is a very good title.

# 6 Thrash13 @ 11/30/08 11:48 AM
The 30-team online league is going to be awesome to say the least. It might be tough to get 30 solid players together to do one, but it would be great nonetheless. I'm actually more excited about this game than MLB 2K9, and this one is $20 cheaper as well.

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