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The L.A. Times has posted an article talking about teams plugging into video games to evaluate talent in the NBA.

"The EA Sports game is used by about half the franchises to check out what the competition is up to and plan accordingly."

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# 1 jkra0512 @ 11/30/08 11:25 AM
Simply wow...The economy has really turned for the worse when franchises play video game (EA video games no less) to figure out whether a player will have good chemistry with their current team.

Rule of thumb: If you have to dig that deep to figure out whether a player will be a good fit, then he's probably not a good fit....
# 2 EnigmaNemesis @ 11/30/08 11:59 AM
This is really cool ... I hope other games start doing this. Especially MLB The Show. Very innovative.
# 3 King Gro23 @ 11/30/08 12:29 PM
wow so thats why rookies are dominating the game aint rookies rated low in the Live series, crap anthony morrow is a 64 OVR he will never torch us for 37 pts haha
# 4 rudyjuly2 @ 12/01/08 11:34 AM
I can't believe they even admitted that!
# 5 tabulaRasa @ 12/01/08 12:38 PM
wouldn´t it be smarter to play NBA2k to evalute players`?
# 6 rudyjuly2 @ 12/01/08 12:50 PM
Maybe Matt Millen should have taken over the Lions in Madden to see if he could turn it around lol. I bet he would have been fired sooner!

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