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"Reports say racer hasn't been canned, but developer is in trouble.

A future Need for Speed game will be developed by Burnout Paradise developer Criterion Games, according to reports."

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# 1 EnigmaNemesis @ 12/15/08 07:12 AM
This doesnt surprise m in the least.

They were on the right track with "Most Wanted" ... then they took that formula and gave it to Criterion, and here we have Burnout Paradise, which is basically Most Wanted Evolved.

Then they went in a not so good direction with NFS. Instead of sticking to the formula. So no it will end up probably, back to where it originated.
# 2 DubTrey1 @ 12/15/08 12:00 PM
I think this would be a good move. However, the saving grace to me would be the ability to have the damage physics added to the NFS series going forward - At least to some more significant degree. I know EA would never allow them to be the same since they would ot want to the loss of two different SKU's to be on the market that were basically the same game with the only difference one having licensed cars. I mean, if GRiD was able to get damage in and significant damage in I might add, this should be a no brainier going forward. Most Wanted seemed to be on the right track.
# 3 bkfount @ 12/15/08 12:56 PM
I know EA doesn't want to give up a long time franchise, but the lines have been blurred between NFS and Burnout. They need to do some serious work to get back to the core gameplay of this franchise so that it can standout on its own. This won't be as easy as MS letting Turn 10 work on new Forza and PGR games.

EA's desire to turn NFS into the Madden of racing is what ruined it. It's a racing game, why the hell does it need a yearly release? So we got rushed games got further and further away from the core gameplay.
# 4 Eton Rifles @ 12/16/08 07:16 AM
to please everybody they could call it " Need for Speed: Burnout".
# 5 lnin0 @ 12/17/08 05:23 PM
At this point it doesn't matter because EA has diluted the NFS brand so mach it no longer has an identity.

Every racing game now days does not need to feature an open world. There is a reason you get a safety warning in the box with your new GPS. It is not easy to drive and read the fine details of a 2"x2" map. Every more idiotic is trying to read one of these tiny maps while traveling 140mph down a city block painted entirely in 'next gen' brown.

NFS is about opening it up and blasting down long winding roads with spectacular vistas - not making 90 degree drift after 90 degree drift through the downtown. Sure, there is room for alternative routes and the occasional short cut but I don't want to 'find my way' - that is not part of the NFS puzzle. If they want me to 'find my way' then make a UPS game.

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