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    "Heading into the Relive version of Hogan/Andre, I was treated to a montage recapping the history, feud, and actual match. It's packed full of classic video, old school interviews, and WrestleMania footage. Once the gameplay started, the entrances and match were pretty much exactly what I had seen a few months ago with their blue mats surrounding the ring and tie-dye shirt-wearing audience, but there was one exception -- while Andre's entrance was the same, Hogan's character has been retouched."
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Member Comments
# 1 vernond @ 12/22/08 09:31 PM
This pretty much confirms my fears for the game. I know it's a ways off, but i was afraid the control scheme was going to suck. The presentation stuff seems ok, other than the over the top characters but i can deal with that. I'm just afraid the gameplay will suck and it's going to be nothing but arcadeish 3 min matches. I'm definitely going to rent this one first.
# 2 SPTO @ 12/22/08 10:04 PM
Yeah, reading the article the game has gone from a must buy to a "rent first". Hopefully sales will be good enough for the game to be made into a full fledged series because I think the concept can work long term.
# 3 vernond @ 12/22/08 10:23 PM
I think they're making a mistake by going the arcade route with this game. An article i read talked about starting it out as an arcade game to build a fan base but the people that are going to be interested in this game are going to be men 25-40 and that isn't necessarily a group i think that is interested in arcade gameplay. They would be better served to pay attention to detail (like the right title belts, and character models) and more simulation type of wrestling. Nail the presentation and the gameplay. If the gameplay sucks it isn't going to matter how much vintage footage there is. I think it's going to be too bare bones and simplefied for the audience who is excited about this game.

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