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Pwn or Die has posted an article entitled, Madden Curse Strikes Again - Ranking the 12 Curse Victims.

"There have been players featured on the covers of John Madden Football games since 1999 even though the franchise first appeared in 1988. For the first few years the box art for the annual game featured John Madden himself and in the later years, just before switching to the "cover athlete" format, generic scenes of football with nondescript players.

Since 1999 we have counted 12 players that have been on the covers (2 in 2000). With the conclusion of the 2008 NFL regular season yesterday and the fact that we checked out the worst college sports cover athletes not too long ago, we figured we would take a look at past Madden cover athletes and rank the effect of the "Madden Curse" on each.

Ranking the Madden Curse (1999-2009)

There are two criteria for analyzing the curse; immediate effect and long-term effect. To calculate the final score we scored each criteria from 1-5 and then added the two scores together to get a final score out of 10."

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Member Comments
# 1 baumy300 @ 12/31/08 09:59 AM
Nice read.

# 2 Abar22 @ 01/02/09 08:54 AM
Honestly I'd just decline the cover if I was asked. Athletes are a superstitious bunch anyway and this thing is a giant red flag.
# 3 likesbacon @ 01/02/09 04:05 PM
I'm not real superstitious, especially about hokus pokus things like spilling the salt, or black cats, but it is a little wierd that players on the cover of Madden will have a rough go of things in the near future, even the iron man Brett Favre.
# 4 Rbush903 @ 01/03/09 07:03 AM
just ban the game indefinitely and maybe this wont happen again
# 5 Exonerated @ 01/03/09 08:06 AM
I aint superstitous either. But if i were an nfl, i'd get as far from madden as possible.

It too weird to take a chance on.

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