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According to Teamxbox, Turn 10 is working on Forza Motorsport 3.

"After Turn 10 announced it is working on their "Next Big Thing," a development partner has accidentally confirmed they are both working on the third installment in the Forza Motorsport series.

Forza Central found out that Kaarbo Design, the company that created many graphics for the original Forza Motorsport, listed Forza 3 as one of the titles it has worked on."

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# 1 diemos @ 01/09/09 11:36 AM
awesome news, I love Forza 2, can't wait to see the graphics in 3
# 2 baumy300 @ 01/14/09 05:37 PM
This game is going to be awesome.

I would kill for an off road course where you could take trucks and SUV's.

Imagine if you could lift them and add bigger tires, grill guards, etc...
# 3 Flawless @ 01/14/09 08:40 PM
Better not be any excuses this time; cockpit view or no buy.

Also, bring back downhill and hill climb.
# 4 lnin0 @ 01/15/09 07:03 PM
Some people are saying that the last 1up pod cast went into a discussion about this and they seemed very assured that Turn10's next game would be PGR5. Maybe that is just pure speculation but you have to wonder if they don't have a little inside info seeing as Che from T10 was part of 1up.

Just saying, everyone is just repeating rumors until E3 or whenever MS decides to make official next project from Turn10.
# 5 Flawless @ 01/15/09 07:44 PM
Turn 10 has doubled in size since the release of Forza 2, so it wouldn't be surprising if they now have two teams. One working on Forza and the other working on PGR or something else.
# 6 Zippy78 @ 01/16/09 05:56 PM
Would be cool to see what they could do with, say... stock cars huh?
# 7 joshuar9476 @ 01/20/09 01:07 PM
things i'd like to see:

1. cockpit view
2. a few sports trucks (lightning, etc)
3. a reason to buy rally cars (at least bring back hill climbs)
4. a better auction house ... i'd like to see a place where i can buy someone's used car (perhaps with a hp deduction because of use) at a cheaper price than new.

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