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We posted a news item about this last year, but PSX Extreme has some more news about it. Think it will happen?

"The videogame business has been having problems, with growth slowing of late, but it's still red hot compared to movies, TV, and music. And many videogame publishers, not just EA, have seen their stocks take major hits in the past six months, much more than the declines for big media shares. That means videogame publishers are more affordable for the conglomerates than they were a year ago. Which means we could just see a Disney-EA acquisition, or others like it, in 2009."

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# 1 bluengold34_OS @ 01/07/09 11:58 AM
Does this mean that we might actually get full ESPN integration???
# 2 bigfnjoe96 @ 01/07/09 01:40 PM
I saw some info about this a couple of months ago. EA is really hurting in the game sales dept. I wouldn't be surprised if Disney made them an offer they couldn't refuse...
# 3 yanks26ngoin @ 01/07/09 05:40 PM
Oh my god. This can be huge for the future of sports gaming. The layout of the game would change completely. The gameplay, might stay the same, but it would be huge. Having full integration of ESPN in the games can work wonders.
# 4 drae2 @ 01/07/09 06:00 PM
I don't think I could handle another Mickey Mouse of a football game.
# 5 Triggerfish @ 01/07/09 09:43 PM
Gates has the cash..if anything why can't MS buy EA? i know..pipe dream..
# 6 Cusefan @ 01/10/09 11:54 PM
I would be more worried about some of EA's more Edgy games like Dead Space.

If Disney were to buy EA though, I think every single one of EA sports game would benefit 100% as far as presentation goes.
# 7 Cryolemon @ 01/11/09 06:49 AM
Originally Posted by drae2
I don't think I could handle another Mickey Mouse of a football game.
# 8 DocHolliday @ 01/11/09 02:20 PM
Disney is a smart company look at how successful their movies and music are.

I happen to think it might be a goodthing. At least fot the sports.

Who knows though i doubt they would force much change.
# 9 Pappy Knuckles @ 01/11/09 11:33 PM
I don't see how it could hurt.
# 10 t216 @ 01/12/09 03:28 PM
Originally Posted by drae2
I don't think I could handle another Mickey Mouse of a football game.
I'm on the same boat too. Who knows, Disney football for kids...
# 11 DaveDQ @ 01/13/09 07:06 AM
It just goes to show you how powerful branding is. Disney owns ABC, a channel that shows some very "non-Disney" programming. We immediately think that with the name Disney will come an influence of watered down Hannah Montana games. That won't happen at all.

I bet that if Coke bought Pepsi, and didn't mess with Pepsi's formula one bit, that Pepsi lovers would be jumping off bridges claiming Pepsi has been tainted and tastes different.
# 12 Stumbleweed @ 01/15/09 05:03 PM
Disney owns Mirimax and Touchstone, both of which make edgy adult-oriented movies. That wouldn't be an issue at all -- games like Dead Space would probably just be branded as an EA product (or another studio) so little kids aren't all "Oooh, mommy, I want that!".

And yeah, if this made it so they have FULL ESPN integration in EA games finally, it would be totally worth it. And normally, adding a ton of resources, licensing agreements, and manpower to your operation increases the quality of the products.. so I wouldn't worry about it in that sense... they'd probably make bigger, better games.
# 13 Beastmode @ 01/26/09 05:39 PM
Just because Disney might own EA doesn't mean they would mess with it. EA owns Maxis, yet Maxis still keeps their independent label.
# 14 allBthere @ 01/27/09 01:09 PM
I would potentially like this because with Disney in charge they would most likely have the final say on EA's acquisitions:

This is one of the big reasons I hate EA now... just last night I was searching for backwards compatibility on my favorite golfing game 'outlaw golf'. #1 isn't compatible, but the 2nd one was (not as good imo as the first), but that got me thinking - why is there not an outlaw golf 3 in the works developed by hypnotix?

The answer we unfortunately that EA bought them out in 2005, and instead of keeping a great IP (especially for xbox users since we don't have hot shots golf) they moved most of the team from new jersey into a florida studio and had them work on arena football and now who knows? probably some fired and since they dissolved the company they won't be able to do anything anyway (especially with EA owning all the rights now).

That is just one small example, but it really made me mad - and they do it all the time. EA consumed a great studio full of talent and ruined it, stopped all their franchise titles from continuing, and didn't benefit with their own titles. Who loses? me! I loved that game, and all the design decisions etc...what a waste.

so maybe just maybe, if this happened EA would stop skrewing the gamming market.
# 15 Herky @ 01/28/09 02:04 AM
Originally Posted by Pappy Knuckles
I don't see how it could hurt.
My thoughts exactly. EA has totally made Madden go down the tubes on next gen and NCAA could be a lot better as well.

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